How to Crimp Wires - Basic Tips on Crimping

How to Crimp (Electronics)

Crimping is sometimes necessary in order to improve the reliability of an electronic device. There are many different types and sizes of crimping tools. One of the common uses for crimping tools is to terminate standard wire. Crimping connectors for electronics is generally an easy task, especially when you know how to crimp and you use the proper tools. Crimp tools work on both female and male crimp pins. For most electronics, you will require a crimping tool that fits 22- to 26-gauge wires.


  1. Turn the power off and unplug your electronic device.
  2. Expose the wire within the wire channel by peeling off inch (0.2 cm) (4 millimeter) of the covering from the end of the wire you wish to crimp.You need to take enough insulation off to expose the wire completely.
    • Some crimp tools have a built-in insulation stripper. You can place the coated wire into the stripping hole and pull gently. This should expose the wire for crimping.
  3. Place the wire in your crimp tool.Most crimp tools have 2 different crimp sizes on the tool.
    • The bigger crimp is for the insulation channel. The smaller crimp is for the stripped wire.
  4. Be sure the tabs face into the groove when setting the pin inside the groove.
    • While squeezing the crimping tool, the tabs will bend inward.
    • Apply light pressure to the crimping tool. The crimp pin will slide easily into the groove holding it in place.
    • The wire's stripped end goes into the hole created by the crimp and insulation channel.
    • Make certain the insulation and wire channels cover the appropriate insulation and wire.
  5. Form a solid contact.
    • Apply firm pressure to the crimp tool. This process will bend the crimp tabs inward, allowing them to bite into the wire and insulation.
  6. Purchase housings for your crimped pins to will keep the pins separated and can be plugged.

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  • When crimping connections to the square male pins, purchase female pins.
  • When attaching crimp connectors to a 10-gauge or a heavier wire, like on a stove or water heater, heavy duty pliers with long handles will make the job easier and create a secure crimp and connection.
  • Insert the stripped cable completely into the barrel of the contact and center the contact point on the crimp tool.
  • Do not attempt to crimp solid copper wire with standard wire crimping tools.


  • Do not force your contact into the housing. If the contact does not fit easily, check the contact barrel for any wear or damage. Replace the tool if necessary.
  • Never install crimp connectors to a live wire. You can avoid a severe electrical shock by turning the power off first.

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