How to deal with aphids on cabbage

Cabbage aphid is a small grayish insect, not exceeding 3 mm in length. In early summer, it multiplies on cruciferous weeds or cultivated plants. Then, with the advent of wings, flies over to the growing cabbage and begins to suck the sap from the leaves. This often leads to their complete drying and stopping the head in development. During the season may develop up to 15 generations of aphids. This insect hibernates on cabbage debris or weeds. To combat aphids on cabbage, you must perform a number of preventive measures, and in some cases even use chemical preparations.

To get rid of aphids on cabbage folk remedies, there are several options for making decoctions and infusions. First of all, you can make an infusion of potato and tomato tops. To do this, pour boiling water collected tops and cover. After two days, add to the infusion of laundry soap or detergent for better adhesion with cabbage leaves.Then pour or sprinkle the affected plants. Such processing can be carried out every 20 days.

Also, decoctions and infusions can be prepared from onion peel, ash, chamomile or tobacco dust. In addition, regularly sprinkle cabbage with soapy water with an interval of 10-12 days at the rate of 300 g of soap per 10 liters of water.

If folk remedies do not help, try using insecticides. Among the most effective for fighting aphids on cabbage are known such drugs as biorin, kinmiks, karbofos. They are used according to the instructions and no later than 30 days before harvest.

But the fight against aphids can start in the spring. To do this, plant cabbage next to the tomatoes - their smell frightens off these insect pests. In addition, be sure to attract to your garden beneficial insects that eat aphids. For example, ladybird larvae, sirfid flies or golden-eyed. All these insects feed on carrots or celery, so these vegetables should also be planted next to cabbage.

But most importantly - in the fall after harvest, remove from the garden all cabbage residues: stumps, leaves. We also need to produce weeding and clean the area from weeds.It is better to dig up the soil before winter, which will help in the fight against many pests that overwinter in the upper layers of the earth.

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