How to delete VKontakte page

How to delete VKontakte page

How to delete VKontakte page

Over time, more and more people want to learn how to delete a VKontakte page. There may be many reasons for this. People want to devote more time to work, school or family, but social networks simply do not let them out. Or maybe a person wants to hide his information from unauthorized persons forever. Although it also happens that the registration took place by chance, and in order not to clog the service, friendly individuals try to delete the page.


How to delete your page in contact



Above we have already discussed the reasons for deleting a page in a contact, but this is by no means all of them. A frequent reason for this behavior can be hacking and invasion of personal territory. Agree that no one will like it if their personal information starts to be scanned, and correspondence with close people and friends is especially important. Anyway, site administrators do not provide such a function to users to delete a page without a trace.


The fact is that more than once the question was raised about how to delete a page in contact forever, but there is still no answer.In any case, some information that you put on the network is still stored on the pages, even if other users.


Moreover, all the information you entered once will be stored in a special database, even after its deletion. The creators explain this by saying that you may wake up the desire, and you will again start using the VC service. That is why to remove all the information will not work for sure. But you can do something else, for example, to restrict access to your page for absolutely all users, thereby hiding it from unnecessary eyes.


  • So, we decided that the question of how to delete the page in the contact is completely out of the question. Let's do our best. To get started, go to the “Privacy” tab, this can be done in the following way:


How to delete VKontakte page

How to delete VKontakte page

My page- My settings-Privacy


  • In this tab, change all items to “No one”. If there is no such option, then put "Only me". Then save the changes and go to the next step.


  • 3) Now you need to delete all the information you have ever entered. Imagine this situation: you have just been registered, and you are in absolutely untouched page. Try to return it to this state.First, delete every single friend, then delete the photos laid out in your virtual life, erase all audio and video recordings, delete all information “about yourself” and more.


After the steps you have completed, you will almost have a new page, where 90% of the information is deleted. Most people are satisfied with this result, and they will be able to leave social networks with a clear conscience, but if you are not one of them, then follow the instructions further.

Usually the most desperate people are those who indicated real data when registering. Now, in order not to leave any similarity on your page, you need to delete the first name, last name. You could change it, but after new updates to accomplish this task is not so simple, which will take a lot of time without guaranteeing a decent result.


Method "How to delete VKontakte friend's page"



If you like radical paths and have good friends, then ask them for help. The fact is that the social network is overpopulated with various pests: spammers, trolls and other individuals who do not give a calm life to other people. Using this, your friends can complain about your page and say that you are climbing into their personal space or spoiling the cozy atmosphere of a page or group.If the complaint is collective, then with a high probability the question of how to delete the page in the contact will be closed.


How to delete a public page vkontakte



You can, of course, simply write to the administration and express your desire to delete the page. Here the result is different. Some may understand you and help by telling all the information on the removal, or they may delete the page themselves. And others, thinking that you are another intruder who hacked the page, will not pay any attention to the request and send you to the “Privacy” section to use the above tips.


There are people who believe that after some time (one or two months) after you close the entire page, activating the privacy settings, and delete all information about yourself, your page will be deleted by the administrators. But most likely this statement is contradictory, and in general it is not reasonable to wait so much time. Therefore, there is no option to guarantee the complete removal of the page in the contact.


In addition to the methods outlined in the article, you will not find anything, and this should be enough to get rid of the bad habit of spending hours on social networks. But maybe the latest updates will give the opportunity to delete their accounts, time will tell.

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