How to determine anemia

To determineanemiain some cases, it is not easy, because the disease in many people does not have a pronounced clinical picture. However, it is worth to consult a doctor if you have a general weakness, malaise, reduced performance. During the development of anemia, there may be a change in taste, a dry tongue, the presence of a foreign body when swallowing, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath.
If you are increasingly suffering from headaches, dizziness, can not concentrate, there is drowsiness, then be sure to donate blood for analysis. In severe forms of anemia, syncope often occurs.
Pay attention to the external signs of the disease. Anemia is characterized by changes in the condition of the skin, nails and hair. The skin of patients is usually pale, but there may be an unhealthy blush on the cheeks. With this disease, your skin may become flaky, flabby, usually cracks and wounds easily appear on it.Hair becomes brittle and dull, very early begin to turn gray, nails stratify and thin. With pronounced anemia, they become concave. Often there is a weakness of all muscle groups.
Also pay attention to taste preferences. In patients with anemia, there is a need for sour, salty and spicy foods. Often, in such cases, taste and smell become perverted. Some people are happy to use chalk, dry cereals and even ice. Almost all patients have a decrease in appetite.
If you have symptoms of anemia, consult a doctor. The specialist will review your medical record, conduct a physical examination and prescribe laboratory tests.
A blood test can help determine the presence of anemia.

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