How to wean a dog on the street to eat dangerous foods?

As you know, dogs are very intelligent animals and are easy to train. However, not everything a person's friends learn easily. For example, many people are hard to disaccustom from picking up lying food on the street, which can cause them harm. The difficulty arises in the fact that these animals have a well-developed natural instinct - the search for food by smell. And to overcome unconditioned reflexes, which are the innate response of the body, is not so easy. But if you follow certain rules, then this bad habit can be eradicated. Read the article to the end and find out how to do it.

The animal's body is different from ours, and many products that are familiar to us are very dangerous for dogs. In addition, street food can be stale, poor quality, with pathogens or simply poisoned, and its use can lead to dire consequences. Therefore,in order to protect your furry pupil from eating unwanted fodder, including garbage, it is worth weaning him to pay attention to any products lying on the ground.

We develop a conditioned reflex

  1. Weaning an adult dog from eating the food lying on the ground is not easy. It’s best to instil in your pet from childhood that food can only be obtained from two sources: from your own bowl and from the hands of family members. Do not allow the dog to eat in other places, even if the food will be offered by a familiar person. Over time, the appearance of the bowl will cause the animal to have a food reflex.
  2. Teach a dog is only on command, which you choose arbitrarily. Small puppy hold in front of a bowl for 10-30 seconds, and then after the spoken code word, let him go to the food. Do not allow the animal to touch the stern without command.
  3. Do not allow your pet to pick up products from the ground or floor. If you accidentally dropped a piece, or it fell out of the bowl - give the command "Fu" and do not allow it to lift the dog. Let the fallen piece lie on the floor until the pet is finished. Do not put it in a bowl again.If the puppy pulled the product out of the dishes on the floor, and then ate it, be sure to scold him for this offense.
  4. Beginning from the age of two months, start teaching. Pouring food into a bowl, purposely drop pieces to the ground. If the dog rushes to the fallen food, then sharply utter "Fu" and pull it down. Have enough patience, because you have to do a lot of takes, until the dog stops even looking at the fallen food. When this moment comes, you will have to praise your pet, stroke and reward your favorite delicacy from your hand.

Practicing skills away from home

Now it's time to train on the street. At the first walks of a pet try not to let go of the leash, so that it is easier to control. Carefully follow the sides, mark the bone lying on the ground, bring the dog to this place and follow its reaction.

If your four-legged friend passes by and does not show interest in the product, then, having gone a few meters, praise him and give him a piece of food from his pocket. If your pet comes to the bone and starts to nibble it, then say the command "Fu" and pull it up on the leash.

In the case when the young student does not respond to your actions, then use a strict collar or jerk chain.

Do not allow strangers or familiar people to feed your pet. A dog should not take food from passers-by, but it should not be aggressive if it is given food in its hand. Ask your relatives to participate in training.

After the food was offered by others, and the dog did not take it, do not forget to praise your pet, giving him a snack from his pocket.

Training without a collar

When your pet will quietly walk past the products lying on the ground, it’s time to train without a leash. For these purposes, you need an object that, when dropped, will produce a thundering sound, for example, a bunch of keys or a bank of coffee is suitable. If your pet is interested in the product lying on the ground, then throw your weapon in its direction or use the tune. Try to get the subject to land as close as possible to the find. The frightened dog will bounce off the food, and you at this moment podzovite it and stroke.

Over time, the animal will find the food associated with an unpleasant sound and stop eating it.

Situation when the animal runs away with a piece

Such cases are frequent, when an adult pet of the family, seeing a treat, grabs it and runs away. How to be in such situations? Canine experts recommend finding a deserted place, scatter feed there in advance and come there with a four-legged friend.

As soon as he grabs the bait, you need to make a leap with a leash and loudly shout the command "Fu." Such fake situations are held at least 5-10 times, until the animal learns a lesson.

Unwanted and ineffective methods of struggle

Some pet owners prepare bait with mustard or bitter pepper. After eating such a “treat”, the dog has unpleasant feelings and, perhaps, the next time he refuses to eat the food found.

However, some four-legged pupils quickly recognize the tasteless food by smell and do not pick it up. Therefore, using this method wean the pet from a dangerous habit is unlikely to succeed. In addition, your pet may burn its mouth, which will lead to loss of smell.

There is another inhumane method of dealing with this habit.For its use is used a weak discharge of electric current. Such executions are not always effective, but they have unpleasant consequences - the animal becomes aggressive towards the person, including the owner.

Full feeding

Before starting training the animal, it is worth reviewing its diet. The simplest way that will help to reduce the manifestation of the habit of eating food on the street, and even almost eradicate it - is the organization of a full-fledged diet.

In the daily diet of the dog must necessarily be meat products and in large quantities. If a pet gets enough protein and is not deficient in vitamins and minerals, it will not have to constantly look for additional food sources.

If we take into account our advice, constantly monitor the dog on the street and forbid her to eat food from the ground, she will not put her health at risk.

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