How to distinguish the chapping of lips from cheilitis

When chapped, the skin of the lips reddens, becomes dry, flakes and becomes covered with small cracks. The cause of obvetrivaniya often becomes improper makeup, licking lips or drinking beverages on the street.

Heylity- Diseases of the red border of the lips. Causes may be allergic reactions to products or cosmetics, versicolor, erythematosus, streptoderma and other infections. In contrast to chapping, only the edge lines and the corners of the lips are affected.

Allocate dry and wet forms of the disease. With dry cheilitis, patients feel a burning sensation or tingling in the lips, the edges of the lips turn red, and a grayish-white scale appears in the form of scales on the 2-3 day. When the scales fall away, under them is found bright red, dryish skin.

Moist cheilitis is characterized by edema that does not fall to 5 days. A gray peel also appears on the edges of the lips; traces of pus can be found when it is removed. The skin of the lips under the crust is smooth and pale.

In the absence of a coexisting infection, cheilitis pass by themselves on the 7th day of illness. In order to avoid relapses, popular treatment with warm lotions on broth of herbs of Hypericum, sage, calendula and oak bark is recommended: brew broth, moisten two cotton discs, lay on your back and apply lotions to affected areas for 5-10 minutes. In no case can not rub the lips and tear off the cortical growths!

Treatment with lotions can be applied up to several times a day, taking breaks between sessions for at least 30 minutes. You can also lubricate your lips with fresh aloe juice or rosehip oil. If the disease lasts more than a week, the lips are bleeding, worried about burning or pain, you should immediately contact a dermatologist or a dentist (often infections of the lips can be caused by infections of the oral cavity).

Of the drugs for the disease heylitom usually prescribed: zinc and prednidazolovu ointment, "Hydrocortisone" or "Solcoseryl." The choice of means depends on the characteristics and course of the disease.

Lip care in order to avoid trouble is simple: do not kiss in the cold, do not use cosmetics of dubious production,wean yourself away from the habit of touching your lips during a conversation, wiping them with the back of your palm or biting pencils / pens, etc. In winter, apply a nourishing (rather than moisturizing lipstick) at least 15 minutes before entering fresh air.

Excellent help to preserve the natural moisture of the lips, various nutritional masks. The most common: a mask of fat sour cream with olive oil (a tablespoon of sour cream plus a teaspoon of butter).

Before applying the mask it is necessary to warm the lips with light massage movements using a toothbrush steamed in hot water. Vaseline, sea buckthorn or castor oil can be used instead of olive oil.

The mask should be left to dry completely, and then gently rinse with warm water. With the help of an oil mask you can also check if your lips need a vitamin complex: if oil or hygienic lipstick dries quickly on the lips, this is one of the first signs of a lack of vitamin C, A and E.

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