How to draw on the photo?

Ildar Yunusov
Ildar Yunusov
July 16, 2014
How to draw on the photo?

Many, perhaps, have been able to edit photos in graphic programs or on specialized sites, change the brightness of colors or contrast. However, sometimes in the photo you want or need to finish something yourself. Let's try to figure out how to draw on the photo in various graphic editors.

How to draw on photos in photoshop

First, after you upload a photo, you need to create a layer that will be that same photo. Please note that in the “Layers” menu a loaded photo is displayed with a “lock” - this will not allow us to perform any actions with a photo. Therefore, we double-click on our “closed” layer, the “New layer” window will appear. Set the parameters, if any, and click "OK".

The second step is to choose a tool with which we will draw on the photo. Depending on what you want to draw, you can choose different tools. A pencil, brush, color replacement or patterned stamp and many other tools can help in drawing a wide variety of objects.

Once we have decided on the tool, you can start drawing. This is done using the selected tool and the left mouse button. If you need to describe some specific part without harming the rest of the photo, you can simply select the desired fragment with the Area and quietly draw inside it.

Any action can be undone by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Z the desired number of times.

How to draw on a photo in other editors

Paint, Illustrator, Gimp

You can draw on the photo and in the standard Windows graphics editor - Paint. This program is entirely designed for drawing, so all the tools here can create lines, curves or shapes. You will only need to choose which tool is best suited for your particular task and use it. Draw and save the result as easy as in Photoshop.

There are also many other graphic editors in which you can draw on the photo. The most famous of them - Illustrator and Gimp.

Online graphic editors

There are a large number of online editors that are not at all inferior in functionality to regular programs. In such editors you can also upload photos and draw anything on them.Each such site has its own set of tools and capabilities. For example: .

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