How to eat with migraines

Food for migraine

The diet of patients with migraine should contain an adequate amount of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. It will be right to eat 3-4 times a day. Eating passes, prolonged periods of hunger can cause an attack. Fasting is contraindicated. Avoid food excesses, do not get carried away salty, pickled, fatty and sweet dishes. Do not experiment with various exotic foods, diets, it can provoke a headache. Food portability in migraine depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. To more accurately make a diet, keep a food diary.
A diet low in tyramine, an organic substance from the group of biogenic amines, is shown. This substance is toxic, it has a vasoconstrictor effect, helps to increase blood pressure, affects the processes of inhibition and arousal in the nervous system. Tyramine is formed from tryptophan - an amino acid,part of the protein molecules. It is present in perishable dishes containing large amounts of protein (meat, offal, cheese). Many products are able to accumulate tyramine after long-term storage or high-temperature processing.

What you can not and what you can eat with migraines

For migraines, avoid the following foods: fermented bean curd (tofu), soy paste, fermented soy fruits, cheese, black beans, overripe beans, smoked, dried, salted fish, as well as fish processed by other means for long-term storage, non-fresh products, including meat (fresh fish and meat are safe), fish, meat broths, sausages, sour cabbage, kvass, brewer's yeast, ginseng, alcoholic beverages. Exclude products containing histamine (beer, red wine). Do not abuse the drinks containing caffeine (cola coffee, tea). Avoid foods with monosodium glutamate. Products rich in copper are contraindicated: chocolate, walnuts, wheat germ, sea shellfish.
Some foods can be consumed provided they are completely fresh. These include: beets, fresh anchovies, sweet corn, cucumbers, figs, tomato juice, raisins, eggs, cream cheese, cheese, sweet curd.For migraines, products containing more unsaturated fatty acids are useful: sea fish, flax seeds, olive, soybean, flaxseed, corn oil. Foods that contain large amounts of magnesium are required: unpolished (brown) rice, seaweed, dried fruits, wheat bran, bananas. To reduce the level of histamine in the blood will help buckwheat, oatmeal, poultry. They include pantothenic acid. It is necessary to include in the diet vitamins of group B, the sources of which are cereals (oatmeal and buckwheat), green vegetables. Folic acid is also useful, much of it is found in pumpkin, bananas, dates, celery, broccoli.

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