How to eliminate abdominal pain

There are several ways to eliminate abdominal pain. Start with exercise. Scientists have shown that those women who regularly play sports do not experience any discomfort during menstruation. If you do not want to feel pain, then do not lie down, but move more, crouch, walk, etc. If desired, also use the following set of exercises.
To begin with, lie down on a flat hard surface, bend your knees and press your feet against the floor. Relax the abdominal muscles and flex it up and down. Then kneel down, lean on your elbows, relax your head and neck. Stay in that position for a few minutes. Lie on your back again and lift your legs high to form a right angle.
For convenience, use a wall on which you can rest your feet. Lie down for 5 minutes. In the end, do the exercise "Cobra". To do this, lying on your stomach, hold your hands on the floor, and your chest and head, pull back, stretch.
If the stomach hurts so that there is no strength even to do a few exercises, then go to the medication. Choose any tablets belonging to the analgesic group (except for aspirin) or antispasmodics. From the list of the last, solpadein, baralgin, spazmalgon, no-shpa, analgin received particular popularity. Before taking sure to read the instructions. Surprisingly, birth control pills also have an analgesic effect. This is due to the fact that they include estrogen-gestagens, which prevent the formation of pain-causing prostaglandins.
In order to prevent pain in the stomach next time, go to vegetarian food a few days before the onset of menstruation. To do this, remove from your diet animal and dairy foods, change it for fresh juices, vegetables, etc. Instead of coffee, drink herbal tea, which will relieve your irritability. Especially good infusions of mint, raspberry, chamomile, lemon balm and oregano. Choose what is right for you.

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