How to enable macros in Excel?

Macros greatly simplify the user experience, which also applies to the program in question. The question of how to enable macros in Excel is asked quite often, so it’s worth answering. By default, Microsoft Excel settings do not allow running macros, which causes problems for many users, especially beginners. In fact, enabling or disabling macros is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel 2003

To configure this option in the version of the Microsoft Excel 2003 program in question, go to the Tools | Macro where you need to make a choice of the "Security" parameter. Before the user, after executing this command, a dialog box opens where he needs to set the value of the parameter called “Security Level” to “Low” or “Medium”. The difference between the settings can be seen only after re-opening the file with which the work is performed. The proposed sequence of actions is the answer to the question of how to enable macros in excel 2003.When you later open other documents, you do not need to configure the program again.

Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel 2007

Often the question arises as to how to enable macros in excel 2007. This is also quite simple, but you should use the menu called “Macro settings”. You can find it by selecting the “Menu | Excel options. Immediately after this, a custom dialog box opens in which you need to select “Security Control Center | Parameters of the Security Control Center ", then click on the" Macro Settings "field. Next, you need to click on the menu item called "Enable all macros". Also in this version of the program it is necessary to open the document being used again, since only after that it will be possible to run macros. Also in the version of Microsoft Excel 2007, it is possible to use another way of including macros, which is also characteristic of the version of Microsoft Excel 2010.

Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel 2010

All the methods discussed earlier give an exact answer to the question of how to enable macros in excel 2010. But there is another way by which you can open Macro Parameters in order to turn them on or off.First of all, you need to open the “Developer” section in which you select “Macro Security”, then go to the “Macro settings” entry, where you can click on the control parameter called “Enable all macros”. You should also pay attention to the fact that, unlike previous versions of the program, in Microsoft Excel 2010, the Developer toolbar does not open by default, so you should enable it yourself. It is necessary to do this and for the reason that this menu greatly simplifies the work. This is especially true for users who often work with macros. You can enable the Developer panel by launching “File | Parameters | Setting the tape. Here the user will find the necessary menu, near which it is necessary to put a tick.

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