How to fix insulation to the floor: experts know

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In the Kuban villages, adobe huts with earthen floors are still preserved. What seems exotic today is considered a typical peasant house 100 years ago. The floor was covered with straw or sawdust to keep it warm.

Hut dugouts are gone, but the problem of floor insulation remains. Especially when it comes to a house with a basement, apartments on the first floor or concrete floors in a new building. The option to make heated floors does not suit every owner. This requires serious investments, complicated installation and additional energy costs.

Fortunately, there is an alternative - floor insulation with special insulation materials.

Minvata - the most popular floor insulation

The market for insulation materials is impressive with its diversity. Polyfoam, expanded clay, mineral wool, polystyrene foam, cork cover - common insulators.Why do Russians choose glass wool more often from the proposed options?

URSA experts explain the popularity of this heater by its working qualities:

  • incombustibility. The basis of glass wool - quartz sand
  • insulating and sound-absorbing properties;
  • Increased moisture resistance. The structure of theURSA TERRA insulationis impregnated with a special composition that repels water
  • durability: a service life of 50 years or more;
  • environmental friendliness: the mineral composition without phenol additives and elements of blast furnace slag processing;
  • easy installation;
  • affordable cost.

Stages of laying the URSA TERRA outdoor insulation

The TERRA ruler of URSA was specially created for the thermal insulation of cold floors. The name TERRA - “earth”, already hints that the developers have taken care of the weatherization of the surface located near the soil.

Glass wool plates of enhanced rigidity, but flexible. Thanks to this, the URSA TERRA heat insulator tightly abuts even to an uneven surface, leaving no voids and “cold bridges” at the joints.

How mineral wool is installed:

  1. The first step is leveling the surface.The floor is filled with a screed based on concrete. Cracks need to be carefully repaired.
  2. Then a layer of vapor barrier is laid out. For this, a polyethylene film or a special URSA SECO membrane is used, which is compatible with the TERRA series. The film layer is laid out with an overlap on the wall. Fixed with anchors.
  3. The guide lags are mounted, between which the mineral wool is then laid out. The step between the beams is equal to or slightly narrower than the width of the sheet of insulation.
  4. Glass wool is placed in the connector between the lags. If the material is used in rolls, pieces of the desired length are cut off. Layers straightened out and snug against the base, so no additional fixation is required.
  5. A layer of waterproofing is laid over the insulation to prevent moisture from entering.
  6. Installing a finished floor - coatings that will be walked on.

The TERRA line includes 5 types of products.

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