How to flash Chinese Android?

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How to flash Chinese Android?

Many buyers choose Chinese devices that have a more affordable price. Consider how to flash Chinese Android to upgrade its software. This requires a special firmware cable based on the pl2303 controller.

Firmware mode

First you need to connect the cable to the PC and install the drivers. The pl2303 cable is a kind of interface converter capable of converting a USB port to a virtual COM.

So, for the firmware you need:

  1. Download program . After its launch, in the list that opens, click Android.
  2. Go to the field below to select the following files: MTK_AllinOnу_DA.bin, as well as MT6516_Android_Scatter.txt. In the latter, in addition to the full address of the file system, is a description of the firmware.
  3. Select the COM port number and determine its speed. The user can safely choose the maximum.
  4. Before flashing, formatting should be performed, clearing the internal memory of old files.This can be done after pressing the Format button.
  5. In the new window, you must select the memory address. All models developed on the MT6516 platform have a memory address of 0 × 200000000 and 0 × 100000000.
  6. After selecting the desired option, click OK and connect the firmware cable to the device. To format the device, you juggle the battery and then hold the power button for a few seconds.
  7. Successful formatting must be completed by re-juggling the battery, as well as turning on the device. After clicking the Download button, the flashing process will start. At the same time on the screen it will be possible to observe a red strip, which will be replaced by a violet one. Filling it out will indicate the need to disconnect the firmware cord and connect the USB cable. The PC will detect the new device, and a yellow bar will appear on the screen of the Android device. The longest part of the flashing process begins.
  8. After its completion, the user will see an alert indicating the successful installation of the updated software.

Now you know all about the necessary programs and devices for self-flashing any Chinese Android.

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