How to follow a blood type diet

Based on this, the scientist proposed such a model of nutrition.
Blood type I (0). People of this group have a stable digestive system and high immunity, but with improper diet may have problems with the stomach. In addition, they are prone to arthritis and allergies. Meat should be the basis of their nutrition, but their digestive tract is poorly adapted to flour and dairy products. It is necessary to limit the consumption of potatoes, citrus and cereals. If possible, give up cabbage, legumes, corn, wheat products, as well as various sauces and marinades. The best drink for this group is herbal tea. To reduce weight, eat more foods that speed up metabolic processes in the body.
Blood group II (A). The “horse” of these people is vegetarianism. The theory says that if there are fewer meat products in the diet and, consequently, more vegetables and fruits, the digestive system will benefit, otherwise there is a risk of diabetes, it is also possible that problems arise with the cardiovascular system.Food restrictions also apply to the use of potatoes, cranberries, ketchup, mayonnaise and white bread, and from drinks - soda and black tea. Reducing the weight of people in this group will help reduce the amount of spicy and sour foods, sugary foods and chocolate.
Blood group III (B). People of this group are considered the most “flexible” in food, because they, as a rule, have good immunity and easily adapt to changes in nutrition. Nevertheless, they are recommended to limit the consumption of poultry meat, pork, vegetable oil (except olive oil), seafood and pomegranates. All the rest is possible. Especially advised to "lean" on rabbit meat, lamb, dairy products, rice, cabbage, fish, all kinds of vegetables and fruits. It is better not to drink carbonated drinks. And those who want to lose weight should avoid sweet and fatty foods, wheat, buckwheat and corn.
Blood group IV (AB). People of this group, unfortunately, are prone to anemia, heart disease, have a weak digestive system and are easily able to catch any infection. Therefore, their diet should be carefully.Useful products for them are fermented milk, as well as dietary meat, fish (except salmon), pineapples, cranberries, nuts, wheat bread. You can lose weight by limiting consumption of legumes, corn and meat.

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