How to generate momentum

To get started, get out a film camera that you don�t need later, preferably with a flash.
Wear gloves and begin the process of discharging the flash storage capacitor. Using insulation pliers, take a 0.5 W resistor with a resistance of approximately 1 kΩ and close the capacitor with it for 30-40 seconds. Then close the capacitor with a screwdriver with insulation for another half a minute so that it is completely discharged.
Now work out the discharge of the capacitor in the circuit of a small capacity - sync contact. To do this, wind on a dielectric coil with a diameter of 5-6 mm about 200 turns of insulated millimeter wire. Cover the top of the winding tape.
Connect the frame with the winding in series with the flash storage capacitor. In the event that your camera does not have a flash test button, you can connect a bell button in parallel with the sync contact.
In the case of the camera, make holes in order to pull the wires from the button and the frame with the winding. Holes will avoid clamping and breakage of such important wires. Now you can remove the jumper from the flash storage capacitor and assemble the device.
Take off the gloves and put the batteries in the camera. Try to turn it on while turning the flash to the side. Wait a while for the capacitor to charge, and insert a screwdriver with an insulated handle into the winding frame.
Carefully, holding the screwdriver so that it does not fly off to the side, press the button. You should have an electromagnetic pulse, magnetizing a screwdriver, at the time of the flash.

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