How to get a license for the installation of air conditioners

Find out in your city the address of the organization authorized to handle such affairs.
Order the development of a project to install an air conditioner in an organization that specializes in this kind of business and is licensed to do this. In Moscow, for example, the State Housing Inspectorate (Moszhilinspektsiya) is authorized to deal with these issues.
Coordinate the received project of installation of the conditioner with the architectural and planning management of your area.
Visit the fire service in your area, they must also approve your project and give their permission to install new equipment.
Obtain permission from the sanitary-epidemiological service for the installation of air conditioning systems. You also visit this organization with a ready installation project.
Refer to the authority where the building in which your apartment is located (or house) is on the balance sheet. They must also approve the project.
Contact the Single Window service when all application documents and the installation project are ready. After 45 days you must either issue a license entitling to install the air conditioner, or, legally, refuse to issue it.

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