How to get a student loan

To take a loanto a studentin the bank for training, he needs to go to university. Pass the entrance exams and conclude a contract for the provision of services with an educational institution. To pay for the contractto a studentgiven a certain amount of time and receipt.
The next step in getting an educationalcreditis the choice of the bank. At Universityto a studentit is necessary to clarify the partner banks working with this university. Find out all the information you need: timecredit, interest rate, payments (equal or decreasing).
After that, the applicant must submit to the bank a signed agreement with an educational institution, receipts for the cost and duration of training, as well as an identity document. If a student concludes a loan agreement with Sberbank, then in addition to the documents listed above, a reference 2-NDFL of two guarantors and co-borrowers (parents act) is necessary. What ifto a studentan impressive amount is needed, the bank will require a deposit in the form of a summer house, apartment or car.
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Educational loans have a number of advantages in relation to other loan products. Firstly, there is a deferral of principal. The student pays only interest. Secondly, the term of the loan - from 11-15 years. That is, after studying 5 years for a specialist, a student must pay the principal debt within 10 years after receiving a diploma. If a student enters the army or has taken maternity or academic leave, then the loan is extended, and the bank stops entering the university for the time it is absent. However, the student is still obliged to pay interest on the loan. You can repay a loan early a year after receiving it.

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