How to get rid of the effects of smoking

Consider that for several years you have methodically destroyed all the B and C vitamins entering your body. Each cigarette is able to destroy the daily rate of these vitamins. Therefore, the first thing to fill their shortage. You should drink a glass of milk every morning on an empty stomach. If you can buy goat milk, drink it.
Smoking reduces activity and causes shortness of breath. To regain physical fitness, it will take at least a year. Start right now. Of course, you should not immediately expose the body to large loads - everything is good in moderation. You need to get used to the fact that every day you have to do a little jog or perform a set of simple exercises. But if you expect that regular physical education will help to get in shape faster, do not rely on it. Recovery of the cardiovascular system will occur no earlier than two years.And you can never get rid of problems with the lungs, but you can significantly improve their condition. It is estimated that the average smoker acquires a normal athletic form approximately three years after he smoked his last cigarette.
Surprisingly, it has been proven that visiting the pool helps to recover very well after smoking. If you add breathing exercises to visits, recovery can go faster. It is best to use for these purposes open water bodies or pools, where water is not chlorinated, but is purified by other means.
Very often, the release of harmful resins and toxins is accompanied by pain in the lungs, migraines and "breaking" of the bones. Often this causes a return to smoking. Massage will help reduce this condition.

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