How to go to the solarium?

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How to go to the solarium?

Quickly get an even tan without stripes of linen, refresh the complexion and even get the sun when there is time, and not at a certain time of the year will help us tanning bed. It is very convenient, but also unsafe. Therefore, everyone who has used it at least once needs to know how to go to the solarium.

Tanning should not be much. He, like the sun, is useful in moderation.

First of all, you need to find out if you have any contraindications. Although a tanning bed is less harmful than the sun and in modern tanning beds there are already filters that do not allow harmful exposure, but if you have wounds, cuts, irritations and even small pimples on your body, you shouldn't go to the tanning bed until they pass . If you have a fever or generally feeling unwell, low or high blood pressure, also give up tanning beds. Also avoid tanning in a tanning bed if you take pills. I'm not talking about cases, if you have skin diseases or allergies, tanning beds are simply contraindicated for you. In general, if you go to the solarium all the time, it is better to consult a dermatologist and exclude any contraindications.

If everything is fine and you went to the solarium, then follow the rules:

  1. Take a shower and make body peeling, use moisturizers, the skin should in no case be dry.
  2. Protect your eyes and hair in the tanning salon itself. Usually the salon offers special glasses for the eyes, and a hat can be taken from the hair dye.
  3. If you wear contact lenses, I recommend removing them before visiting a tanning bed.
  4. Beauty salons sell protective equipment for tanning beds. These are milks or gels that moisturize the skin and protect them from drying out.
  5. Do not forget to take care of your lips, use a protective balm for them.
  6. Women in a solarium must protect their breasts, or at least nipples. Use special linings or wear a bra. Nipple covers can also be purchased in the salon and used constantly.
  7. If you have tattoos, especially those that you have done recently, also close them. Otherwise, skin allergies may occur.
  8. I recommend to girls to refuse make-up, tanning is uneven through a foundation or powder.
  9. Do not use perfume when going to the solarium.She simply can not miss a tan, as well as cause an allergic reaction.
  10. Remove the jewelry so that no white traces remain from the bottom.
  11. The most important thing is to choose the right number of minutes to visit the tanning salon. Do not try to tan very quickly and immediately in one session. Start with a few minutes and gradually increase their number. The salon administrator will help you choose the type of tanning bed for you (it can be horizontal and vertical), the length of minutes depending on the type and color of your skin and on the power of the lamps. Tanning session in a vertical solarium should not exceed 10 minutes. It is best to go through the day and not longer than two weeks. Take a break, and after a month you can repeat. Most likely, with such a schedule, your tan will be even and rich, but at the same time natural. As for the horizontal solarium, the session in it can last longer and reach up to 15 minutes, the lamps in the horizontal solarium are more benign. Follow the same schedule, do not go to the solarium more often, this day. During the day of the break, the tan will show up and will go to bed more evenly.
  12. After the salon, take a shower, moisturize your skin with a cream and drink berry tea.better freshly squeezed carrot juice.

Healthy and beautiful skin!

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