How to increase immunity in the winter

In winter, we want to stay at home, under a warm blanket with a cup of hot tea. Drowsiness, apathy, fatigue - these are all signs of winter for a person. The reason for this condition is that in winter the vital processes in the human body slow down.

Observe the following recommendations to improve immunity, and always stay healthy.

Proper balanced nutrition is a guarantee of health in winter.

Review your diet and create a balanced menu for yourself. Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and berries, dried fruits, because they are rich in vitamins. Cook over low heat, this is how food will save more nutrients. Drink more hot tea.

Give preference to hot dishes, because They perfectly warm the body. Try not to use sugar, it is best to replace it with honey, prunes, bitter chocolate, which are not only beneficial, but also contain serotonin, which boosts mood.

Health in water

In order not to get sick and improve immunity, pay attention to water procedures. Take a contrast shower in the morning, and in the evening, herbal baths will help you to relax and improve your mood. If possible, visit the pool, which not only gives you energy, improves immunity, but also significantly improves the condition of your skin.

Dry indoor air in winter can lead to evaporation of water in the human body, so drink more water and maintain the water balance of your body. In addition, water helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Skin care

Cold and frost adversely affect the condition of human skin, so do not forget about daily hydration. Also, creams will help eliminate cracks in the skin and keep it fresh.

Physical education

Low temperatures, cold outside lead to a decrease in physical activity of a person. However, it is the physical culture classes that have a great effect on health, strengthen the immune system and give you a good mood.

Do daily morning exercises, you can do fitness or other sports.

Walks in the open air

Fresh air helps to clean the lungs, provides the human body with oxygen, which has a wonderful effect on overall health and immunity. Try to avoid hypothermia.

Healthy sleep

Good sleep is a guarantee of health and good mood in the winter.

Lead an active lifestyle, take walks with friends, hold aromatherapy sessions, relax, and then anxiety, depression and bad mood will not be felt.

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