How to insulate wooden windows

Remember that with time woodwindowcracks and small cracks form that let the frosty air through. Therefore, proceed to the insulation of windows before the onset of severe frost.
First, carefully examine the wooden frame for the presence of cracks. The naked eye can determine the curvature of the frame, which may cause cracks. If this is true, reinforce all the corners of the frame with special metal corners. If you find a sufficiently large gap between the glass and the frame, disassemble the frame and apply silicone sealant in order to strengthen the glass. After that, strengthen the glass itself with the help of beadings.
In the case when the frame enters the box loosely, smooth out and degrease the end parts of the frame for the subsequent application of insulation. Leave the frame for a while and go to the store to search for high-quality and reliable insulation. To do this, remember the old ways of warming wooden windows: paint or transparent adhesive tape, or even a plaster.These methods, though used for a long time, but in our time are not economical and reliable. Recall another method: prepare the putty by combining crushed chalk and alabaster in proportions 1 to 2, and dilute it with water. After that, carefully cover all the gaps inwindowx
Now the best way is to use tubular insulation. For its manufacture use rubber, silicone, polyurethane or foam rubber. This seal contains a self-adhesive strip that allows it to stick tightly to the frame, ensuring a high level of tightness. Buy the required amount of seal in the store, depending on the sizewindow. Check with the seller whether there is adhesive tape on it, if it doesn’t, buy elastic silicone sealant as well.

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