How to learn acrobatics - affordable gymnastics for children and adults

How to learn acrobatics - affordable gymnastics for children and adultsVisiting the circus, almost every child will certainly tell their parents that he wants to become an acrobat. After all, watching the smooth and at the same time such precise movements of gymnasts is almost impossible to remain indifferent. All these gymnastic tricks literally fascinate us, keep in suspense from the first to the very last minute of the show.

If your child really has a desire to master this craft, then you can take him to the gymnastics section or write down for private lessons. The older generation should not be discounted either - acrobatics for adults is provided for moms and dads. An interesting option for parents will be, for example, pair acrobatics. When attending collective activities, adults will not only spend more time together, but will also learn how to bear responsibility for their partner’s safety and understand him with a single gesture.

Is it possible to learn acrobatics at home?

Having decided to go in for gymnastics, it is necessary to decide for what purpose you are doing this. If you plan to do acrobatics closely, stably learning new tricks, then you better turn to a good coach. The professional will be able to assess the level of your physical fitness and create classes with an appropriate level of exercise.

Of course, over time, the load will increase, and the tricks will become increasingly difficult, but it is worth starting with the simplest. If you just want to strengthen the body, so to speak, bring muscles into tone, then you can do at home. The main thing is that you can find a place and time for gymnastics so that you and your loved ones do not interfere with each other.How to learn acrobatics - affordable gymnastics for children and adults

How to learn acrobatics at home?

If you nevertheless decided to master acrobatic exercises at home, then it would not be superfluous to watch the video, how to learn acrobatics at home, or use the following recommendations.

Warm up

Any workout should start with a little warm-up. Thoroughly stretch the arms and legs, jump, walk in place. It is necessary to warm up the muscles with high quality so as not to injure and pull them in the process.A warm-up should take at least 15 minutes, and the lessons themselves should be at least half an hour, subject to daily training or an hour at classes every other day. Only in this case, the result will not take long to wait - your muscles will take shape, and you - self-confidence.

As mentioned above, at first it is worth exploring light acrobatic stunts, to master the base. Consider the simplest elements and their effect on the muscles.How to learn acrobatics - affordable gymnastics for children and adults


A simple, well-known to everyone since school element that will help strengthen the muscles of the arms and back and will become the base for more complex stunts, such as a handstand and a head. To complete the element, lie down on the floor, lightly push the legs upward, supporting your back with your hands. Keep your balance, keep your feet level and stay in that position for a few seconds. Then you can move on to other tricks.


It is necessary to stand on one leg, spread your arms and turn your head back, frozen in that position for a couple of seconds. This exercise has a very positive effect on the muscles of the back and legs.How to learn acrobatics - affordable gymnastics for children and adults


For the performance of this element you need to have a good physical preparation, trained hands.The first time it is recommended to make this element against the wall or ask someone to secure you. Do not despair if the trick did not succumb to you right away, it is really hard and requires more practice.


Everyone is familiar with it, but few know how to master it. The trick is simple, but the same as the previous one, which requires time and diligence. For performance, choose a slippery surface, disperse and freeze in this position for 5 seconds each time you feel pain.

More on this - on the video.
With the question of how to learn to perform acrobatic exercises for beginners, figured out. Consider now what other tricks are.How to learn acrobatics - affordable gymnastics for children and adults

Acrobatic elements: how to learn?

The most common acrobatic elements:

  • flip (back, forward, bent over, blanket, forward flip);
  • a coup (on one or two legs or from two to two);
  • flyak (standard or one foot);
  • wheel (normal and with turn);
  • flying with a roll;
  • rise from the head;
  • bedouinsky jump;
  • "Macaque" (the second name "kitty");
  • somersault (forward, backward, handstand).

To learn what these tricks look like, watch the video how to learn acrobatic movements.

This is a very common way of learning.Now many schools are taking lessons on how to learn acrobatics, telling in detail how a particular element is performed.

By the way, a good option for keeping in shape will be learning to dance with acrobatics. Your movements will become smoother and more aesthetic, and the figure will acquire tempting bends.
Regardless of your age and physique, do not deny yourself the pleasure to do gymnastics. Even if you can not achieve great results, and your skills will be limited to basic stunts, any physical activity will have a positive effect not only on your body, but also on your overall well-being.

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