How to learn to play the accordion

How to learn to play the accordionThe harmonica is a cute and very interesting musical instrument. That is why many people buy it for themselves or give to friends. But, unfortunately, very often people, having tried several times to extract sounds from this difficult instrument, throw it on the far shelf. Perhaps one of these can be found in your closet.


It is time to learn how to learn to play the harmonica. Video workshops and a detailed explanation will help you in this simple task.


At first glance, it may show that playing the harmonica is very simple, but in reality, it is not. To get a loud and clear sound, you need to practice a lot. In addition, the exercise requires special perseverance and great patience.


Each of the harmonics has its own tone and specific design. The most common are diatonic harmonics with 10 holes. We suggest you to master this tool with step-by-step instructions.


How to learn to play the accordion chords


1. First you need to learn simple chords.To do this, bring the harmonica to your mouth so that the lips overlap three holes, for example, from 4 to 6.
2. Breathe out - this is the first chord.
3. Repeat in a similar way with 5-7 in a row through the holes - a second chord is obtained.
4. For the third, do the same with 2-4.
5. Now, practice a little by alternately performing these chords to inhale and exhale, alternating between them. Practice, bringing these movements to automatism.


Once you have mastered the main chords, you can begin to extract individual notes. There are several ways to do this.


Extract single notes


1. First you need to understand and hear how a single note sounds. To do this, close all the harmony holes with your index fingers, except for one, for example 4 or 5. Then blow strongly and you will hear a clear sound - this is one note.
2. Now try to train your lips. Lower the lower jaw, retract the cheeks, fold the lips so as to form an oval. You can help yourself with your fingers, slightly squeezing the corners of the mouth. You can also train at the mirror. Having done this movement, you understood what shape the lips should have for individual notes.
3Bring the instrument to your mouth, arrange the lips as described in the previous paragraph. Note that the harmony must be placed clearly between the lips. Inhale and exhale through one of the holes.


4. At first, it may be difficult for you to extract a clear sound, then help yourself with a few fingers.
5. Fix the position of the lips, but do not use your hands for this.
6. Repeat the exercise repeatedly, producing muscle memory.
7. Once you have mastered this task, you can start playing the major scale. To do this, move alternately from one hole to another, moving the accordion to the side.


How to learn to play the accordion


After you learn how to make single notes, feel free to begin exercises with melodies. You can easily find them on the Internet on specialized sites and forums in the topics: “I want to learn how to play the harmonica”.


Some tips:


  • if your lips stick to the instrument, moisten them lightly with water before playing;
  • in case of difficulties with transitions from note to note, you can practice by carefully working through everything at a slow pace;
  • keep your head slightly raised;
  • Do not worry if your lips get tired of workouts quickly, you just need practice, it will pass with time;
  • keep harmony as deep in your mouth as possible.


The harmonica is a special tool, it is compact and convenient to use. You can put it in a handbag or pocket, and train at any opportunity in the breaks between work. You can easily take it for a walk or even a forest hike, so you will delight your loved ones and friends with wonderful music.


In addition, the harmony is perfectly combined with other musical instruments, try to play along with a friend, guitarist or pianist. At the same time, almost everyone can master it; it is not necessary to be an experienced musician.


By the way, when you deal with this instrument and want something new, try learning how to play the harmonica chrome. Chastoosh and merry melodies from popular films performed on it will surely please you and your friends.

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