How to make a drink egg-legs?

Egg-legs, widely known to lovers of egg-milk shakes, first saw life in the XIV century. True, then he was a little like his modern version. The Scots who invented it used raw eggs, honey, spices and dark ale as the main ingredients, giving the cocktail a rather specific taste.

Perhaps the egg-legs would have remained in the historical annals if someone had not thought of changing ale for milk and strong alcohol. In this embodiment, the drink quickly settled down at home and began its triumphal procession far beyond its borders.

What is the popularity of the cocktail?

This is one of the few drinks that have a huge number of cooking variations, each claiming originality. Here are the American and European options, hot and cold versions, alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes, and even a vegetarian mixture for those who do not eat eggs. It is not surprising that the army of ego-foot lovers multiplies with each passing day, because it has become the base for a variety of cocktail mixes that can surprise even an experienced connoisseur.

In addition, given that the main ingredients of the drink are milk and eggs, it is both tasty and healthy, especially if you don’t get carried away with the alcohol component. As the latter, rum, brandy or brandy is traditionally used. Although no less known options with whiskey, bourbon and vodka.

To prepare a non-alcoholic cocktail, you simply need to exclude alcoholic beverages from the recipe, replacing them with soda or fruit and nut syrup.

European version

This is a more labor-consuming variation of the preparation of the EGG-leg, requiring heat treatment. Therefore, usually a hot cocktail is done at home. Although on the eve of Christmas you can buy it in UK bars.

To prepare the European version you will need:

  • two chicken egg yolks or ten quail;
  • three hundred milliliters of milk or cream with fat content up to 20%;
  • a tablespoon of powdered sugar, which can be replaced by fifteen milliliters of sugar syrup;
  • one hundred milliliters of strong spirits to taste (rum, brandy, bourbon, cognac);
  • a pinch of vanilla and ground nutmeg;
  • cinnamon stick

Pour the milk or cream into a saucepan, add cinnamon, and place on as low a fire as possible. Periodically stirring to heat, making sure that the mixture does not start to boil.

In parallel, beat the yolks with vanilla and powdered sugar. In a thin stream pour in the heated milk, stirring intensively so that the egg mixture does not coagulate. The resulting mass is returned to the saucepan and again put on a slow fire. Continuously stirring, boil until thick. It usually takes about ten minutes.

Remove container from heat. It is important not to stop stirring the mixture for another three to five minutes.

To obtain an alcoholic variant, gently pour in a thin trickle of alcohol, stirring well again. Ready to pour a cocktail in glasses and sprinkle with nutmeg.

This drink is very tasty and chilled, especially if before serving to hold it for at least 24 hours in the refrigerator.

It is worth emphasizing that it is the European version of the non-alcoholic egg-leg that is preferred for children and pregnant women to drink. The reason is that raw eggs used in the US version can be a source of Salmonella infection. Therefore, when preparing such a cocktail, one should very carefully select products of the freshest quality only.

American fast version

For this lightweight bartender version, you should put ice, fifteen milliliters of sugar syrup, eighty milliliters of milk, thirty milliliters of dark rum, sixty milliliters of brandy, and one egg in a shaker.

Beat the mass for two minutes and pour through a sieve over highballs. Use cinnamon stick and nutmeg for decoration.

With tofu for vegetarians

In this embodiment, animal products are replaced with tofu and soy milk.

For cooking, you need to mix in a blender four hundred milliliters of soy milk, half a pound of tofu, a pinch of sea salt and five tablespoons of sugar. Strain the prepared mass, add vanillin and pour in two hundred milliliters of water and rum.

Cooled in the refrigerator, divide the mixture equally. Shake one half in a shaker with ten ice cubes until milky crumb is formed. Pour it into the second part of the drink and serve.

On the basis of these “basic” recipes, it is not difficult to come up with a variation of the famous egg leg, experimenting with the addition and number of minor components.

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