How to make a natural shampoo

You will need
  • - organic shampoo base;
  • - base oil for targeted effects on hair, for example, jojoba;
  • - various active ingredients and extracts, for example, vitamins and repevit;
  • - essential oil for a pleasant aroma of shampoo and effects on the hair;
  • - salt solution from sea salt, not more than 20%;
  • - measuring containers and spoons;
  • - funnel for transfusion of liquids;
  • - a container with hot water to create a steam bath.
In a beaker with a volume of at least 150 ml pour 80 ml of the base for the shampoo. Put the glass in the water bath. Add a solution of sea salt (half a teaspoon) to the base of the shampoo. It can be replaced with just dry salt. Salt helps the liquid thicken and helps to increase the shelf life of such a shampoo.
Enter a teaspoon of medicated oil into the shampoo base. Mix both ingredients thoroughly until you get a creamy consistency and color.
Enter into the resulting liquid natural extracts and active ingredients (hair growth stimulants, vitamins). Thoroughly mix all the ingredients.
If the amount of the resulting composition is less than 100 ml, add a little shampoo base to the measuring cup until the volume of the finished shampoo reaches 100 ml.

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