How to make a rooster with your own hands

According to the Chinese calendar, each year is endowed with its patron - one of 12 animals. There are beliefs that in each coming year a particular eastern sign has an impact on people's lives. That is why it is advisable on the eve of the New Year to learn all the subtleties and features of the patron of the coming year in order to properly meet and achieve its location.

Having learned the preferences of the patron, you can try to cajole him in order to win his favor and throughout all 12 months there was good luck in all undertakings. January 28, 2017, Red Monkey will pass the baton to his tenth comrade - Fiery Rooster.

Fiery Rooster is the embodiment of thrift, self-sufficiency and extravagance. Except for the animal, it is necessary to get acquainted with his preferences.



It is not difficult to guess that the Fiery Rooster carries with it fiery and bright colors: orange, red.Long since the sages have been of the opinion that fire symbolizes a continuous aspiration upwards and has a powerful living energy that has purposefulness and self-perfection.

Reds always symbolized love and passion. So we can conclude that 2017 will be full of romantic adventures and adventures.

To the settled couples, the year promises turning points: marriage, revival of past passion, etc.

According to the Oriental calendar, the Rooster appears as a sophisticated, witty and insightful animal. In all his endeavors, he strives for perfection and tries to bring everything he has begun to the perfect end. In addition, he simply can not ignore and loves compliments in his own way.

When the New Year 2017 is celebrated, every home should have its symbol, so in this article we will look at how to make a rooster with your own hands. Such cute souvenirs can be used as a gift, because handicraft is always priceless. How to make a rooster with your own hands


How to make a rooster with your own hands

At home there are always a few balloons.If there was a thread about 1.5 m long from a yellow ball of yarn, and somewhere in the bins there were flaps of cotton fabric, we would get the above-mentioned wealth, PVA glue, a piece of cardboard and scissors. Let's make a colorful Christmas-tree toy - a rooster.


How to make a rooster from the threads


To make a rooster with your own hands you need to prepare:

  • a ball of yellow yarn
  • balloon
  • Scissors
  • red fabric
  • ready eyes for toys
  • PVA glue, or better superglue.


kak- sdelat-petuha-01


First we inflate the balloon to the size we need. So it's easier to determine the size of the paws, the beak and the crest of the cockerel.



From the red fabric cut a triangle - beak, two legs and a trapezoid. The last geometric shape will soon turn into a real crest. We will not make out earrings, too many red details spoil the appearance of the toy.


How to make a rooster from your own hands


Fold the trapezoid in half and round the bend line in two places. After that, shorten the base of the ridge a little.






The balloon is abundantly and quickly lubricated with white glue. We take a ball in our hands and wind the thread on the ball in random order. The number of turns is not limited, only the second row will have to be additionally lubricated with glue.

At the last turn, we decided to leave a loop with which we will hang the rooster on the Christmas tree.





It remains to glue the cut out of red cotton parts on a yellow base. I must say, the work is not easy. PVA dries for a long time. It is better if possible to use the glue "Moment" or any other superglue.






While some of the Christmas tree toys are drying up, let's take a cockerel's wings. From the cardboard, we cut a blank that looks like the crown shown in the picture.




wound yarn thread between the teeth in several cardboard layers, and then fix the bottom of the wing, extending the thread between the rows. Remove the finished wing from the machine. Repeat the procedure.










Wings are glued to the toy using PVA. We are waiting for the result - the complete drying of the glue for at least an hour. Well, it remains to attach ready-made eyes purchased in the store for needlework.





We can not wait to put a cockerel on the tree and admire the toy made by ourselves.


kak-sdelat-petuha-16 Everything is good, only here the orange ball with yellow yarn looks more harmonious. And instead of cotton, we recommend using fleece.






How to make a cock from plasticine - master class with a photo

Now let's look at how to make such a colorful rooster out of clay.



For this we need plasticine of various bright colors and a stack.



Take half of the bar yellow.



And shape the eggs.



Next, make a scallop and eye blanks from red plasticine.



We sculpt the red beak.


Attach the comb as shown in the photo.





Then the eyes and the beak.



We make blanks for wings from green plasticine.



And three blanks for the tail in different colors.





We make legs from orange plasticine.



With the help of stacks we make cuts in the legs and in the tail.



Attach all the finished elements.

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