How to make a rose out of paper?

Tamara Sidorova
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How to make a rose out of paper?

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How to make a rose out of paper?

Rose is deservedly called the queen of flowers. It has long served as a symbol of passion, grace and beauty, and its fragrance is called the fragrance of love.

The image of this magnificent flower can be found around. The architects decorated the building with roses, the artists portrayed in the paintings, the poets were glorified in verses. It decorates interiors, household items, dishes, and cream roses on cakes are generally classic. Rose oil is used in medicine and perfumery.

Even the famous historical fact, the War of Scarlet and White Rose in the XV century between the two English royal dynasties of Plantagenet, owes its name to the image of the scarlet rose on the coat of arms of Lancaster, and white on the coat of arms of York.

Petals of roses covered the road to the kings, and showered the bed of loved ones. This flower is a real gift of nature to people.

But, unfortunately, a rose, like all life on earth, does not live forever, and people have long learned to make beautiful roses from various materials in order to be able to enjoy its beauty for as long as possible.

Rose from paper: instruction

A rose can be made of stone, matter, glass, paper. Of course, the use of certain materials requires special skills. But everyone can learn to make beautiful things out of paper, and now we will try to tell you how to make a rose out of paper.

  1. For a start, you need to take a sheet of paper, preferably red. If you need a rose of a different color, take a sheet of the corresponding color.
  2. Next you need to draw a spiral on paper. The wider the spiral, the larger the bud.
  3. We cut our spiral along the drawn line, at the same time, we twist it into a roll, starting from the end of the spiral. Fully twist it, and our rose is ready.
  4. Then you need to take a sheet of green paper, and cut the leaves.
  5. Cut a little bit of leaves, and combine with a previously prepared sprig.
  6. We put our flower on the branch.

Everything, the rose is ready, and now it is necessary to make the most important thing - to give it to the native person. It is also possible for children to teach this non-sly business. And on some holiday, they will make you a "surprise".

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