How to make a television cable wiring

Impossible to imagine a modern house without a TV. A large variety of programs, films and news broadcast digital TV channels. We offer to enjoy the incredible quality of the broadcast, surround sound and reality of the image. To connect one or more TVs to cable or satellite networks, you must make a professional installation of a television cable to the TV and further connect devices and networks using a special optical cable for the TV.

For the non-professional, this is quite a difficult task, because a well-made cable installation is a guaranteed quality of the television signal without disturbing the aesthetics of the room. Also taking into account the installation of TVs, the location of electrical wiring and furniture.

If you plan onlaying the antenna cable in the tilts, avoid twisting and twisting it in places with sharp turns or bends.For parallel laying of several pairs of wires at once, the portal suggests usingcorrugated tubesfor convenience. If there is such an opportunity, try to carry out installation work on laying the TV cable away from electrical wiring. Even a modern, well-shielded wire doesn’t like this neighborhood.

Before starting work, by drawing the conductor to TV, carefully plan out the places where the TVs will be installed now and in the future. Find a convenient place for installation and further maintenance of amplifiers and splitters. And from here to the intended place of installation of TVs, expand the cable with a small margin. Try to use whole pieces of it. Otherwise, it can damage the quality of reception and will create additional leads.

The splitter dampens passive signals and gives a weak signal to each receiver. Therefore, install it only on the current amount of equipment. If you need to install another TV in the future, purchase another one, for a larger number.

A cable with a characteristic impedance of 75 Ohms will be suitable for wiring to an apartment or house.Domestic cable brands fromRK-75or a product of foreign manufacture. It is labeledSAT501 75 Ohm. When purchasing a cable not for one year, try not to save much. Take a quality, dual-screen. In order to avoid trouble in the form of current shock or a bad TV signal in the future, laying down the conductors, be sure to check the integrity of their isolation.

Formounting the TV-cord under the baseboardschoose a thinner and softer cable, this will simplify its installation. If it is impossible to lay it under the baseboard, two options remain, or fasten it with brackets, which does not add beauty to the room or make channels under the cable.

When buying a splitter to separate the signal, pay for its modification, made in the form of a metal cast box with two lugs under the mount. Choose cast aluminum instead of molded sheet metal. Splitter, install in the previously selected, convenient place for you.

After wiring and connecting the television cable, conduct the signal test and, if necessary, perform additional correction. Allow yourself to enjoy the ideal sound quality and image of your monitor.

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