How to make changes to the charter?

If we objectively evaluate business and legal practice, then it may be surprising to note that cases of changing the address and name of a limited liability company are quite common. However, if you first come across how to make changes to the charter, for you this procedure may seem complicated and somewhat confusing. But in fact, everything is quite simple. Let's consider together the procedure for filling out forms due to a change in the name or address of an organization in the statute of a legal entity using the example of a limited liability company (LLC).

Procedure for changing the charter

  • The state registration of the amendments to the charter takes place by filling out the form Р13001, which consists of the application (one page) and its annex (four pages). In the form of points you will need to enter information so that the state registration authority can further identify the legal entity. Also in the form there is a list of certain items that are filled with information of interest to you regarding the change in the organization's charter.
  • Having filled the form Р13001, hem or attach it to the annexes of other documents upon delivery to the state bodies. Please note: the pages of both documents must be numbered through. The notary will certify the number of sheets and put a stamp on the link a little higher than your statement regarding the change of the charter of your LLC.
  • In accordance with the register of legal entities, specify the details of the organization (company) in the information on the legal entity. Fill in also the sub-clauses according to the extract from the register. When changing the name of the LLC, in part 1 of paragraph 1, displayed as “Full name in Russian”, specify its former name, in accordance with the register statement.
  • In the 2nd paragraph of the form Р13001, entitled “Changes are made to”, write down the information that will assign the application sheets that you filled in to register the changes. For example, when changing the name, check the box at sub-paragraph 2.1, which will entail filling in sheet A “Information about the name of the legal entity”.
  • Be sure in paragraph 2 to work through subsection 2.1: “the name of the company in Russian”. Write only in these points the new name of the organization (society, company, etc.), and in the rest - the old, according to the extract of the register. When changing the address of the company, put a label in subparagraph 2.2 and works out sheet B.In subparagraphs 2.2 and 2.3 data are entered as needed.

Documents for changing the charter of LLC

When changing the charter LLC are served:

  • certificate of incorporation (OGRN) and registration of changes (if any);
  • the company's charter and memorandum of association, as well as all existing changes to them (if any);
  • a certificate showing the entry in the account in the tax service (TIN);
  • Rosstat letter;
  • protocols (decisions), certifying the creation and appointment of the executive bodies of the organization;
  • extract from the register (fresh);
  • photocopies of passports of all participants and director, TIN, and postal codes at the place of registration.

When changing the name of the company, it is additionally necessary to have:

  • The new name of the organization in Russian (in full and in abbreviated form) and, if there is one, in any foreign language;
  • for ordering and receiving a new print with graphics (emblem, logo) - the corresponding picture and preferably in electronic form.

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