How to make paper mushroom?

Now many people are interested in such kind of art as origami. This is not only an entertaining lesson, but also a great way to relax your soul. In the technique of origami, you can do anything you want, but we'll get acquainted with several options for how to make a mushroom out of paper.

Paper amanita

The easiest to origami mushroom - Amanita. Even small children can make it! For work we need only a sheet of white paper in the form of a square. You choose the size yourself.

  1. We take a sheet and, for starters, place it in front of us with a diamond.
  2. We fold the top and two side corners to the center, but do not touch the bottom corner. There should be a triangle below and a rectangle above.
  3. Now we bend the resulting rectangle in half. The result was an inverted house of a small rectangle and a triangle.
  4. Fold the upper corners of the rectangle back, and again we have a diamond shape.
  5. We turn over our billet for the mushroom. It turned out one triangle below and two triangular pockets on top.
  6. Now you need to bend the sides of the rhombus under the upper triangles so that they are in the foreground.
  7. Upper and lower corner of the workpiece slightly bent.And turn our crafts.

Our mushroom is ready, and the cute kids need only decorate the hat made by the mushroom!

White mushroom paper

Making origami: white mushroom. To make a white mushroom, we, as in the previous version, need to prepare a sheet of white paper. But only now it should be in the form of a rectangle.

  1. Lay the sheet in front of you vertically. It is necessary to outline the middle line. To do this, fold your sheet in half, smooth at the fold and unfold it, placing it in its original position.
  2. Now make additional folds to the middle line. Fold the sheet so that the top corners touch the middle. You should have a two-door door.
  3. We turn the workpiece. Just as at the beginning, we outline the line of the middle, and then we fold the sides to the middle line. We got a window of the top four squares. Leg mushroom ready. But how to make a mushroom cap, read on.
  4. We take the inner sides of the lower squares and pull them to the side. They must open up and turn into triangles. Flatten them well.
  5. We bend all the corners a little inward, unfold and turn over the craft. We have a mushroom!

Cheerful couple of mushrooms

But for this work be sure to prepare a sheet of paper (you can color) size 15 * 15 cm. So we get down to work.

  1. We take the prepared square and bend it diagonally. Then we unfold and place a rhombus in front of us so that the fold line is in a horizontal position.
  2. We bend all angles so that we get an octagon. We turn the workpiece.
  3. Bend the octagon in half. Turn the work vertically.
  4. Bend all corners inward.
  5. Lift the lower part and flatten the craft so that the hat of the small mushroom is on a par with the line of the beginning of the cap of the large mushroom.
  6. Fold the bottom corners inward, capturing more paper in front. Do the same on the other side.
  7. The resulting fold on the leg of the largest mushroom can be closed with a leaf or blade of paper cut out.

Now the question of how to make paper mushroom disappears by itself! Good luck and good mood!

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