How to make slippers from slaps

Today I want to tell you how easy and simple it is to make wonderful slippers out of ordinary slaps. Their advantage is that there is no foam in them, which accumulates microbes, and is washed out of washing and, in fact, is short-lived. That is, you can safely wash your slippers without fear of throwing them away after washing.
 How to make sneakers from slaps
First thing you need to make an insole . To do this, we outline the sole of the slap
 How to make sneakers from slaps
Now you need to close the top of the slap. And for this you need to outline a pattern on any thin paper such as a newspaper or flyer, applying a slap to the top and tracing the outlines with a marker.
 How to make slippers from spanking
Then we cut out our denim from dense denim type fabric and the top of the future slipper. Glue on the silicone sealant or rubber glue.The advantage of the sealant is that it does not stain the fabric, does not leave stains when gluing, the disadvantage is that when air is used, it penetrates the tube and then almost half of the sealant turns into hard silicone, so you should use it right away.
How to make sneakers from slaps
When the dense fabric backing is ready and the relief of the slap is closed, you can proceed to the front part of the sneaker. For this, a fabric from an old payta with a fleece surface inside was suitable, but any cloth such as a bike could be used. Fold the fabric side inward and mark the insole with a marker on the model and cut it out.
 How to make sneakers from slaps
In the same way we outline the contour top sneaker and cut out.
 How to make slippers out of slaps
Then glue the insole with the fleece side up and the top with the fleece side down. br>
 How to make sneakers from slaps
The advantage of the fabric from the payta is thatthat it is not frayed, but still need to close for the beauty of the fabric sections. I had a piece of lace ribbon, which came in very handy for decorating a sneaker. The edges of the tape were cut and used as a border for the top sneaker. Also in the store Sewing World were discovered these wonderful flowers with glue backing. They fit in with the color of the sneaker and borders and were glued. It is necessary to glue by ironing on the top of the flower.
 How to make sneakers from slaps
And that's what happened!
How to make slippers from slaps

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