How to open a chemistry store

You will need
  • 1. The room
  • 2. Trading equipment
  • 3. Package of documentation
  • 4. Sales and administrative staff
  • 5. Outdoor advertising
Pay as much attention as possible to the search and selection of premises for the store. An unsuccessfully chosen location may, without exaggeration, cause the failure of the whole undertaking. It is important that the household chemical store is located in the place of a large confluence of people (the first floor of a building on a wide street), but at some distance from points with a similar range.
Equip the store in accordance with the requirements of the licensing organizations and the goals that you set for yourself. Before you buy commercial equipment, decide what in your case is more suitable for the sale of household chemicals - self-service or counter trading. Find out exactly what documentation is required to open such a store, and pre-assemble the necessary documents.
Decide what assortment in your store will be presented,and in accordance with this - with which suppliers you have to work. To focus on products of well-known and expensive brands is not always a good solution. Firstly, the distributors of such products dictate their own, rather stringent requirements, and secondly, if such a product prevails, the store will have a reputation as an “expensive place.”
Dial a team for a new store, paying attention to organizing and conducting specialized training. Trade in household chemicals has its own specifics and may require additional training. The organization of work of staff in any store is of great importance - it can not be neglected in any case.
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Helpful advice
In the beginning, while there is no guarantee that the store will bring good profit, it is better to rent a room for it, and not to acquire ownership.
To save money at the start, you can first get a set of used commercial equipment.
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