How to open a credit agency

To open a credit agency, apply for a license - a special permit issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. In addition to the aforementioned laws, examine in advance the instructions of the Bank of Russia “On the procedure for the Bank of Russia to make a decision on the state registration of credit institutions and the issuance of banking licenses”.
Find candidates for the positions of manager and chief accountant. There are increased requirements for their qualifications: you must have a higher special economic or legal education and experience in leadership in a credit institution related to banking operations. Such experience must be at least one year. In the absence of special education, the requirements for seniority increase to two years. In addition, both the head and the chief accountant should not have a criminal record, and their business reputation should be impeccable.
The founders of a credit agency also have high reputational requirements. They must be trustworthy in the financial sense, and their activity in this area must be at least three years. The minimum authorized capital for a newly registered credit non-banking organization is 500 thousand euros. If there is such an amount and other conditions are observed, write an application and an application for registration and issuing a license for state registration of the credit organization to the territorial office of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation at the place of the supposed location of the credit agency.
In accordance with Ch. 3 Instructions of the Central Bank, to the application and the petition, attach information about the founders, authorized capital and documents confirming the sources of origin of these funds. Also in the package of necessary documents should include a business plan and a certificate of ownership of the premises where the agency will be located. In its absence - the lease agreement. Do not forget to attach the statutory documents, the memorandum of association, the questionnaires of candidates for the head and chief accountant, a receipt for the payment of the state duty for registration and issuance of a license.

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