How to open a hospital

Make a business plan of the clinic, in which you define the goals and cost of the future project. As a rule, in order for the clinic to immediately take its rightful place in the market of medical services, to open it requires significant financial investments, so you need to immediately decide on sustainable sources of investment in the project.
Before you start looking for a room for a hospital, carefully read all the regulations governing the activities of medical institutions and familiarize yourself with the requirements for sanitary conditions, staff and equipment of modern clinics.
Select a room for the clinic. Depending on what medical services your center will provide, decide on the size of the room. So, for example, if you are planning to open a small dental office, then a room of 25-30 sq.m. will be enough for you. If you have significant funds, then, if you wish, you can also organize a dispensary specializing in various diseases.It is not difficult to find a room for a medical facility of this magnitude, especially since in many cities, unfortunately, there are still many empty buildings that only require cosmetic repairs.
Purchase all the necessary equipment. When buying equipment, avoid unnecessary savings and enter into contracts only with serious manufacturers (if possible, foreign), as reliable suppliers will be able to continue to provide high-quality technical maintenance of equipment.
Announce a competition to fill the vacant positions of the staff of the clinic. Pay attention to what experience the applicants have for posts, whether they have all the necessary diplomas and certificates.
Get a license to provide medical services. Submit to the local branch of the Licensing Chamber a package of necessary documents, namely:
- a certified copy of the certificate of registration of a legal or natural person;
- certified copies of diplomas and certificates of specialists of the clinic;
- approved by the sanitary service list of necessary medical equipment;
- A detailed plan of the clinic.
Employees of the Licensing Chamber may request other documents related to the activities of the clinic. For example, in order for your clinic to be able to issue clients with state-approved hospital sheets, you will need to hire a specialist who already has a certificate for issuing temporary disability certificates, a certified copy of which you will need to submit to the Licensing Chamber.

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