How to open an interior design studio

������The success of any studio is based on high-quality work and successful marketing. It is very important to make a profitable offer to customers and correctly present the services of a designer. Develop the concept of a design studio. You can specialize exclusively in interior design. Another option - the design and coordination of changes in the layout in different instances.
If you specialize exclusively in interior design, then in the studio should work specialists whose name is widely known on the market. Such designers have an excellent portfolio and extensive experience. The very name of these specialists will work for your company, attracting a stream of clients. But not all business owners can afford to hire specialists of this level.
Most studios offer not only the design development, but also the coordination of projects in the relevant agencies, architectural planning design. Be sure to distinguish between the work of designers and administrative staff.Designers should focus on creativity. Manage the company and sell services will be specialists of another profile. It is best to hire a professional manager who will lead the production process. If you do not have experience in this area, it is better to work first as an employee in a design studio, and only then open your own business. So you get the necessary experience, create a customer base and make useful connections.
At the initial stage you should not hire a large number of staff. Reduce costs to a minimum. Enough to invite the work of several designers, an experienced sales manager. Bookkeeping give outsourcing. Be sure to open the site on the Internet. Entrust his creation to professionals. Place on the pages of the site portfolio of work. Pay attention to the design of the office. This is your business card. In the office of the design studio everything must be tastefully decorated. Rent a room in the city center.
Buy a scanner, color laser printer, powerful computers for designers and multifunctional copiers.Install licensed software. Get functional and stylish furniture. Order 3D models of completed projects. They always make a lasting impression on customers. Do not forget about advertising business.

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