How to open the epub?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
May 28, 2012
How to open the epub?

ePub (Electronic Publication) is an e-book format that was developed as an international standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (International Digital Publishing Forum). This format allows you to collect text (PDF, HTML, or xHTML), graphics, style sheet, embedded fonts, and a description of the publication in a single file.

So, you decided to read e-books, but you do not know how to open the epub? Let's see how to open the epub file. There are many ePub reader programs available. We will name some of the most popular and free:

  • Adobe Digital Editions - for Windows, and for Mac OS X -
  • FBReaderJ - For Android -
  • FBReader - For Windows, PDA's, and Linux \ GNU -
  • Bookmate - For Symbian, Android, iOS -
  • Caliber - For Windows, Mac OS X, GNU / Linux -

If you need to know how to open the epub file for editing, we have the answer:

There is a free program that allows you to both read and edit ePub files. It is called Sigil, and it works on Linux / GNU, Mac OS X, and Windows. You can download it here:.

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