How to organize a small production of dry building mixes

Start with planning your production. Collect detailed information about the types of dry building mixtures, technologies of their preparation, the necessary equipment. Examine the existing market for these products in the region and the prices at which they are sold.
Decide what kind of building mixtures you will produce, and find out what equipment is required, its performance, cost, and possibility of leasing. So, for a small production of dry construction modified mixtures (plaster, tile adhesives, putties), a set of equipment will be required, consisting of a loading unit, a screw feeder, a vibrating dryer, a sieve, an additive dispenser, a mixer, an elevator and an automation kit.
Calculate the required floor space, based on the performance and size of the equipment. Specify the storage conditions of raw materials and finished dry mixes. Choose a room with these conditions, find out the cost of its rent.
Find out how much power this equipment will consume. Calculate energy costs. Study the prices of raw materials for production from various suppliers in the region. Outline future consumers of products. Decide on the delivery of raw materials and ready-made mixtures - by own or by hire transport.
Calculate how many people and what specialty you need for a small production. At a minimum, a technologist will be required who will compose compounding mixtures, an installation operator, a loader who can manage a forklift Decide how you will keep accounting - yourself or hire an accountant.
On the basis of the collected data, make a business plan with a budget of income and expenses. Calculate the estimated initial costs (initial capital) and the costs of the main production and sales of products. Be sure to consider the cost of advertising.The business plan can be ordered from the experts, they will collect all the information themselves and perform the necessary calculations.
Find out if you can get a bank loan to start a business. Decide on the type of business activity - LLC or SP. Prepare the necessary documents and arrange the enterprise.
Conclude all necessary contracts: for renting premises, for the supply of equipment and raw materials, for transportation services, etc. Purchase the selected equipment, organize its delivery, installation and configuration. Purchase raw materials and auxiliary materials for production.
Hire workers - by advertisement, through recruitment agencies or by submitting an application to the employment service. Purchase a computer, printer and fax. Install a program for accounting.
Be sure to engage in advertising products, it is very important at the initial stage of work, even a small business. Contact advertising agencies, order advertising on TV and radio. Post ads to newspapers, including those that are free. You can order the creation and promotion of the company's website on the Internet.
Send commercial offers, price lists by fax to potential consumers, offer products by conducting telephone conversations. So you will quickly gain a base of buyers of dry construction mixtures of your production. If the budget allows, hire a qualified sales manager.
Pay attention to actual production costs, figuring out how to save costs and improve work efficiency. This will allow you to quickly recoup the initial investment and then direct the profits to the development and expansion of the production of dry building mixes.
Some aspiring entrepreneurs are trying to save money by purchasing used equipment. Ultimately, this "savings" leads to a triple cost:
- for the repair of second-hand equipment that has failed, and then for its dismantling;
- to purchase high-quality equipment;
- on its installation and configuration.

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