How to properly care for your skin?

Any woman, dreaming of perfect skin, understands that beautiful, well-groomed face skin is a guarantee of beauty. Believe me, most of the girls face problems on their skin, but some of them just know how to properly care for their skin, how to make their color even and attractive, how to get rid of acne and blackheads. Follow all our regulations very strictly, and the result will not take long!

Commandments, how to properly care for your skin:

  1. Never! Remember, never forget to wash makeup off your face before going to bed! You can wash as soon as you come home, not bringing yourself to the state of "lead age" or always keep lotion for washing and cotton pads near the bed. The second option is much worse.
  2. Never wash your soap! Some people think that in this way they will dry oily skin of the face or pustules, and in fact alkali in ANY soap destroys the outer layer of the skin, the acid-base mantle. And then the skin tries to restore the pH and begins to produce as much sebum as possible. As a result, the skin glitters even more, and all this is accompanied by peeling from a sharp loss of the necessary moisture.Disgusting combination, is not it?
  3. Never rub your face with alcohol! Yes, before alcohol was added to all lotions to achieve an antibacterial effect. But now there are new technologies that allow you to achieve this without the use of alcohol. Therefore, selecting cosmetic products, see that it is not in the composition. The alcohol in the composition of the cosmetic also acts as a soap, disrupting the microflora, obliging the skin to produce more fat, making it irritated and sensitive.
  4. Never squeeze acne! First, even externally, the place where a pimple was squeezed out (in case of a successful outcome) will look disgusting, although more often the girls make a little pimple with their attempts. This red spot will last much longer than a pimple could have gone through with the proper actions of the hostess. Secondly, you infect the infection by squeezing out acne, and then they just cover the entire face! Buy a fast-acting drug for this case, for example, Kotre Galenic Concentrate against skin defects. Use it as soon as the pimple appeared several times a day (leave this area of ​​the skin clean, do not put it on top of powder or foundation).
  5. Do not wash with hot water! Especially remember this, owners of oily and dry skin.Your vessels are dilating, thermoregulation is disturbed. Over time, a venous network and rosacea may appear on the face. And oily skin will shine even brighter, as the sebaceous excretion increases.
  6. Never break the next 5 mandatory steps in skin care, and you will achieve stunning facial skin.

5 steps to take care of your face:

  1. Cleansing You should wash in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, you can do this with cool water, and in the evening you should use lotions, gels and cleansers chosen for your skin with the note “for daily care”.
  2. Toning. After cleansing, be sure to wipe the skin with a tonic or lotion that tones the skin. It removes irritation from the skin, disinfects, tightens pores, refreshes, prepares the skin for the next stage. See that the composition was not alcohol!
  3. Moisturizing. Moisturizer need any skin type! Especially strongly moisturizing (not nutrition) needs oily skin. It is because of this that it is oily because, due to the lack of moisture, it secrete a lot of sebum. For dry and normal skin, a moisturizer is applied in the morning and nourishing in the evening.For oily skin - moisturizing in the evening, and in the morning you can use a cream-gel with a matting effect.
  4. Protection. In winter, protective cream is applied before going out into the cold in 40 minutes. In the summer, we protect our skin from the sun, in order to avoid premature aging.
  5. Special care. Masks, peels, scrubs - be sure to clean the facial pores deep once a week!

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