How to register a house?

Now in order to register a house, it is necessary to hand over to the local branch of Rosregistratsiya all the documents necessary for this. It should be borne in mind that this procedure is quite long and requires a certain amount of time and effort. It may happen that you have to prove in court the right to property: the land and buildings on it, as there are certain nuances.

How to register a house in the property

First you need to have on your hands were the necessary documents of title of the land. These documents can be:

  1. the act of giving you land;
  2. evidence of land ownership;
  3. extract from the business book of the right to land.

What to do if there are no documents on hand? They are obtained in the bodies of Rosarkhiv. For this, it is worth going to the district administration, at the location of this land plot. There you will be given the address of the archive, where you can find the necessary extracts and acts.

If the archive does not contain the required document, then look for any documents of the following type:

  • the contract of sale of the building, where it is indicated that the building is located on your land plot;
  • any decision of the administration to allocate a certain land plot to you, etc.

With these documents you can also register the right to property. If no document is found, then you should go to court. There you can prove the fact that you use this land or a house built on the plot with the help of receipts confirming the payment of utilities and other payments for the house.

How to register a built house on your site

You should get a cadastral passport of your land. The title document should be submitted to the local department of Rosnedvizhimost. Approximately within a month the cadastral passport of your land plot should be made.

You need this document only if you are looking for an answer to the question of how to register a residential house, that is, when you are registering ownership of a house within the boundaries of settlements. If you are interested in the question of how to register a country house, which is intended for the management of the country economy, then it will be enough only for documents of title to your land plot.

You should contact the BTI for the cadastral passport of the house you need. This passport of the house is needed only to those who register the rights to an individual house, which is built within the boundaries of a settlement. To obtain a cadastral passport at home, you must contact the district BTI. The staff of this office must travel to your place, inspect the building and determine all the necessary data necessary for the preparation of this passport. Please note that this service is paid, and the price in different regions is different from each other.

If you have an old-style passport (received by you before 01.03.2008), then a new cadastral passport is not needed. The document of the old sample is enough for registration of ownership of the house. You need to obtain a certificate of ownership of the house. With the necessary documents you should go to the local branch of Rosregistratsii.

How to register a house on the site

So, the list of documents at registration:

  • individual house, which is built in the village - you need a cadastral passport of the house and a cadastral passport of the land plot.
  • holiday home - documents of title to the land.

You should also have a receipt for payment of the state duty (in the amount of 100 rubles). The duty is paid respectively for each object you register, a regular passport.

In the department of Rosregistratsiya, you will need to fill out a special declaration on real estate, in which all the characteristics of the building are indicated, as well as you will be required to fill out an application for registration of property rights to your property. A certificate of ownership will be ready within 30 workers, from the time all relevant documents are handed over. It seems that the procedure for how to register a house is fully disclosed and you no longer have questions.

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