How to repair a screwdriver battery

How to restore a screwdriver's battery
I think that this problem is already familiar to everyone when one day you take your screwdriver, turn it on, and it does not work. Next, the first thing you are trying to put it on charge, assuming that the batteries just give birth. But it was not there: charging does not bring results. This problem is as old as the world. The fact is that inexpensive screwdrivers use relatively cheap nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries. They are quite whimsical and with improper operation they immediately fail them. I suggest you restore your screwdriver so that it is as new. To do this, we simply replace the batteries with the same or better quality. Although most people on the Internet recommend replacing the batteries with lithium-ion (Li-ion), I am not a supporter of a complete rework. After all, just so you can not replace them, becausethat the lithium-ion batteries need to be charged differently, introduce a charging controller, use another power source, etc. And the body of the batteries themselves will undergo significant changes. No, I just recommend changing the batteries to the same ones, it’s much cheaper and you don’t need to build and invent anything.

You’ll need

On AliExpress, you buy the necessary amount of nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries.
How to restore the screwdriver battery
As you can see, the prices are quite reasonable. Look for your size and quantity. I ordered 12 pcs. The total voltage of the former unit is 14.4 V. One element is 1.2 V. Simple mathematics 1.2 x 12 = 14.4 V.

Recovering the screwdriver battery

Well, And now go directly to the restoration of the screwdriver. Remove the top cover of the battery pack.
How to restore a screwdriver battery
Count your number of items. It is also useful to write off the brand of batteries used.
How to restore the screwdriver battery
How to restore a screwdriver battery
To not forget how the batteries are placed inside,I made on paper a kind of map with their location and poles. Do the same, so you do not have to worry about what to do next.
How to restore the battery of the screwdriver Now you can disassemble this bundle to release the power terminals, which will be needed later.

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