How to restore a bright color of clothes?

Beautiful multi-colored dresses, sweaters, pants, skirts are a real paradise for the inveterate fashionista, but to care for a motley set of clothes is not so easy as we would like.

Surely, almost every housewife, at least once faced with the problem of faded clothes, in particular, things from synthetic fabrics that contain various patterns or patterns are subject to this phenomenon.

Another problem is the washing out of color, many have also come across it: how sad it is when a favorite thing loses its former brightness and beauty, turning into a dim and unattractive rag.

Why does this happen?

Particularly offensive, when the thing cost a lot of money and, according to the manufacturer, was made of high-quality and expensive fabrics. What is the matter? Most likely, unsuitable care products were used or the wash temperature was set incorrectly, so every time you read the labels on the clothes carefully.

In general, to understand the reasons for the unpleasant result is already meaningless,except to receive a useful lesson for the future, it is much more important to figure out how to restore the lost color of clothes after the next wash.

In fact, there are many ways that help prevent similar incidents, but, if something like this happens, you can try to reanimate your favorite thing, most importantly, do not rush to drop your hands.

Method number 1. Another wash

In fact, sometimes such a simple method turns out to be very effective: the faded things quickly return their original color, getting rid of the dirty-colored spots formed.

Repeated washing should be done for a spoiled thing, setting the temperature regime in the region from 40 ° to 60 °, the powder should be added in half more than you usually use. If necessary, re-washing can be carried out again.

Method number 2. Dry cleaning

Another simple and effective method is to contact specialists. In dry cleaners, with the help of special equipment and more powerful industrial tools, they return color and former gloss to even the most hopeless things.

However, it is necessary to apply to specialists as soon as possible, after all, the more time it takes, the less chance of a positive outcome of the restoration of the lost color.

Method number 3. Ammonia

One of the most popular methods, which allows you to achieve the return of the former color of the product, if it was spoiled again after unsuccessful washing with other colored things. To do this, you need to take a large container, for example, a 6 or 8-millimeter saucepan, take water into it and add liquid ammonia (from a proportion per liter of water - 20 ml of alcohol).

We put the spoiled clothes into water and gradually begin to warm up until the moment when the water with ammonia begins to boil, after which we turn off the gas. If the result of this “boiling” is not completely perfect, a similar procedure can be carried out only 2 times. If you are zealous, then the thing can be ruined irrevocably.

Method number 4. Return the color to black things.

Another problem with clothing is washing out the color. Particularly sad are the black things that have lost the depth of the shade and have taken on unpleasant white smudges. What to do? In the last stage of washing, you can add half a teaspoon of table salt to water.

In addition, instead of salt, you can use a very strong tincture of leaf tobacco: to do this, 20 g of tobacco is brewed per liter of water, which must be infused for 30 minutes.

After that, the clothes enough to rinse and dry.By the way, on the same principle, you can use a decoction based on the peel of green nuts, however, it is more suitable for restoring brown things.

Method number 5. Restore color underwear

To improve the color of various fabrics, they need to be washed with various additives: for example, to restore red and blue things, it is enough to add a spoonful of baking soda to water for rinsing (per 1 liter). For beige and creamy fabrics, a solution of tea leaves is suitable, and for blue and red things - vinegar.

Method number 6. Dyes

If the above options do not help, and you don’t want to throw the thing out, you can try to restore its color with the help of special dyes, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

True, to get the shade that was before, it will be difficult, but possible. Instructions for painting are usually indicated on the dye package, it is better to add salt in the process, and vinegar during rinsing so that the color is fixed.

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