How to sew a bag in Boho style yourself

You can make an unusual bag out of cloth in the evening. This accessory will become individual, unique, and unique in its kind. To do this work, you only need simple sewing skills and a sewing machine, which you can purchase at the store.

Consider an example on a cloth bag in the style of a boho.

Required Materials:

- fabric for the warp;

- companion fabric, also for the base;

- threads of the corresponding tone;

- elastic tape.

A step-by-step instruction on how to create a fabric bag that will dress over your shoulder, but by making a handle of the appropriate length, you can wear it as you like.

1. It is necessary to make a pattern, cutting two pieces of a rectangular shape. At first, the part consisting of the companion tissue is sewn, it will be internal. Then the outer part is stitched.

2.Inside the bag make a pocket. Cut a rectangle and fold it in half along the short side. Inside we enclose duplicate - the material used to make cuffs and collars on shirts more densely. After that, you need to iron.

3. Pocket fold face inward and stitch, leaving a hole to twist.

4. We attach to the front side of the lining and attach the pocket to it.

5. Then we make a line, sewing the halves of the bag, or rather the inner part of it.

6. Making the bottom, we stretch the corner, as if drawing the side of a triangle.

7. The outer part of the bag is also made of pockets, there are two of them and they will be in front.

8. Take two rectangles, fold them face out and iron along the fold.

9. Along the top edge you need to sew an elastic tape.

10. The front part of the bag will be made of two rectangular pieces, each in its own color.

11. We attach duplicates, as well as to the inside and iron.

12. We attach the blank for the pocket on top of the blank for the bag.

13. The other half of the fabric of a different color is done in the same way as the first.

14.Pockets sewn line to the main part.

15. We fold both parts facing each other and connect, making a line at the edges.

16. The second half of the outer part of the bag is divided into the same two parts and sew them with stitching.

17. Handle do the same two colors. Inside we use duplicates, then we twist the edges and iron. Make a line.

18. We take our bag and pen, we sew on the one side a loafer, then a belt.

19. Now you need to fold both parts of the cover and stitch the bottom, making the bottom.

20. We put the blank for the inside, and the upper edge is stitched, sewing on the flax.

21. Now the bag is made, and it can be used for its intended purpose.

To make an unusual bag, you can use different fabrics, as well as use different techniques. The use of a zipper will add originality, and the jewelry on the front of the bag will make it unique. Such decorations can be embroidery, patterns, or, for example, flowers made of lightning.

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