How to sheathe a veranda with a tree

 Installing the deck When building a country house, it is important to think over its architectural features in advance and include in the plan certain types of extensions if there is a need for them. One of the most common is the veranda - an annex that adjoins one of the walls of the house. It belongs to the category of summer, unheated, premises and can be either open (under a roof / shed, but without window openings), or closed.

Special attention should be paid to the exterior and interior decoration of the veranda, which should correspond to the structural and functional features of this type of extension.

Veranda - a cozy place for the whole family

It is important to note that the veranda performs not so much a decorative as a practical role. This well-lit room, usually not crowded with furniture and other interior elements, is great for a pleasant stay with the whole family in the warm season.

Moreover, the veranda has long become an integral part of country life - in such an extension you can have a great time at any time of the day: read books, organize tea drinking, receive guests and simply enjoy the pleasures of spending time outdoors, regardless of weather conditions - and heat, and in the rain, as the walls and the roof perfectly protect against adverse climatic factors.

The advantages of a wooden deck

Regardless of the building material used for the construction of the house (stone, brick, logs, lumber), the veranda is most often erected from wood and sheathed with various types of sawn timber. Even if the extension frame was made of metal profile, wood (for example, clapboard) is also used for exterior and interior decoration, since this type of material has undoubted advantages compared to similar ones.

construction savings

First of all, many types of sawnwood are quite inexpensive, which allows you to significantly reduce costs when building a veranda. For example, racks for supporting the roof in order to save can be made of a 15x15 cm section bar orcylindrical logs, the floor of the usual edged boards, the ceiling sheathed with standard clapboard, and the parapet - of the usual bars used for mounting of sheaths.

If there is no need to save, but the goal is to create a good and durable place to rest, you should use decking (terrace / deck board) made of Siberian larch wood, which is extremely resistant to various negative factors, as a material for finishing. The flooring from this sawn timber is mounted, more often, on logs. More information on this method of mounting a terrace / deck board can be found here.

Trend Natural Material

Recently, it is the tree is among the most popular materials for decoration of various outbuildings of country houses. This is primarily due to the naturalness of lumber - they are perfectly breathable and contribute to the formation of a favorable microclimate, which is especially important for recreation.

In addition, wood paneling saturates the air with a unique and very pleasant aroma. This is especially true for products made from Siberian larch,which throughout the life of the plant produce phytoncides - special volatile substances, not only filling the air with a thin coniferous aroma, but also destroying pathogens.

And finally, the tree is distinguished by wide possibilities in decoration - it can not only be painted and varnished, but also decorated with various carvings.

Aesthetics and comfort

 Lining of the veranda with larch The main advantages of wooden materials used for veranda lining and other extensions include:

  • strength;
  • durability;
  • lightness (compared to stone, brick, metal);
  • reducing the time and effort to install;
  • low thermal conductivity, which provides comfort in all weather conditions
  • aesthetic appeal;
  • environmental friendliness.

Larch sawnwood is in particular demand because it is extremely resistant to cracking, mold and mildew, and as a result of exposure to moisture it only becomes stronger.

Secrets of successful construction

In order for the wooden porch to serve as long as possible, you should correctly choose the method of its construction and materials for plating.

So, the most popular are frame buildings, which are more economical, compared to the cobbled and timbered verandas, and at the same time they are light in weight.

For the inner skin of the frame, boards are used (as a rule, impregnated with an antiseptic, if they are made not of larch, but of other wood species), chipboard, fiberboard, plywood, siding.

Outside, the frame porch is sheathed with clapboard or plank (front planed board made of solid solid wood). Planken, unlike lining, has no connecting grooves, it can be mounted both end-to-end and with gaps. Facades can be covered with vinyl siding, but it is also better to use sawn timber.

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