How to sheathe Carpet Salon

Due to its elasticity, Carpet is stretched when it cuts individual Having dealt with the color of the coating, pick up the glue. There is a fairly large assortment of various adhesives. In this case, the adhesive must be resistant to moisture, temperature changes and, of course, to ensure reliable adhesion of the material to the glued surface. It is recommended to use a special spray glue.
Before proceeding with the skinning, disassemble the interior and, if possible, remove all the parts that will be subjected to overstretching.
Remove the old skin from the surface of the, if necessary, sand the surface with sandpaper and treat with any degreaser.
Cut the material, leaving at least 8-10 cm on the allowances and taking into account all the technological notches, grooves, protruding parts on the pasted element.
Spray the adhesive at a distance of no more than 20 cm from the surface. Ensure that there are no smudges.Apply the pre-straightened material on the treated surface, as if wearing it, expel the air bubbles with your palm. Do not pull the material.
Thread the allowances and secure the Carpet to the part with staples or stationery clips until dry. Thanks to the weavesalonCARPETYour car will acquire additional presentability and originality. After coatingsalonmaterial such as Carpet, in the cabin will increase the level of noise insulation. The vibrations generated by the speaker system will be smoothed out.
Carpet will also help keep warm
This material is inexpensive and therefore in demand among many car enthusiasts, as well as in various garages that provide services for hauling elementssaloncar.

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