How to store fur in the summer

It is necessary to ventilate the fur in the fresh air. Do not leave a fur coat in the sun. So she will lose her beauty. It is better to hang it out on the balcony in cool weather for a couple of hours.
Before storage it is necessary to inspect the product for the presence of scuffs and damage. If a thing needs repair, it is not recommended to repair the product yourself. Specialists from the repair shop will do this wonderfully.
In order to protect things from fur from moths, it is necessary to put special anti-molytic agents into the sleeves, pockets, hood. Of course, they have a specific smell, but this option will be better than a fur coat with holes.
It is impossible to pack products on fur in cellophane bags. In this case, the fur will be dented, and the thing will lose volume. These products should be stored in packs of natural fabrics that “breathe”.
After preparing the fur product for storage, you need to find him a suitable place for this.Fur does not tolerate temperatures above 15 degrees, so the best option would be the pantry. There will be no light or heat in it.
In winter, when you need to wear fur, it is enough to ventilate the product. They will again give warmth and protect health.
Pay attention to the fact that you do not need to pass the fur items in the dry cleaning after each season. Treatment with aggressive solvents washes tannins and fat-containing substances from the skin. After several such cleansing, the fur can spread out.
If only the lining needs cleaning, it is better to replace it with a new one. Such a replacement can be made in any fur workshop.

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