How to tie a spoon?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 29, 2013
How to tie a spoon?

Avid fishermen - professionals and just amateurs - know that how the lure will be attached to the fishing line depends, first of all, of course, the catch. It is also important in cases where there is a hook: a good knot will save the lure.

There are many ways to bind, but there are about ten or a little more good ones. How to tie a spoon? You will not get an unequivocal answer to this question, because every angler will have his own method, which has already been tested.

Mounting methods and their features

In this case, you need to choose the nodes, depending on the conditions of fishing. There are three ways to tie a lure:

  • directly to the line;
  • to the leash, which is then tied to the fishing line;
  • for the lock (ring).

Each of them has its own characteristics. So, tied directly to the fishing line baubles moves along with it. This causes some resistance, depending on the parameters of the fishing line (thickness and elasticity). The loop with which the bait is attached is loosened by a knot on it, moreover, it becomes more visible to the fish.Again, there is resistance, and the spinners play is weakened.

A leash, steel or metal, with experience, is recommended for fishermen if a pike is abundant in a pond. The spoon attached to it gives an advantage in catching with lowering to the depth. The loop formed by the bait and the leash does not hinder the free walking of the baits, therefore, the leash is not transmitted either.

Simple and strong

As you know, all ingenious is simple. Optional node must be convoluted. The most reliable when fastening spinners will be such a node where the line is weakened the least. The most simple, but at the same time reliable ways to bind the spinner to the fishing line, include the following.

  • Simple double or loop in the loop. Bend the end of the fishing line and tie it with a double knot. This is the first loop. The second loop is a ring of swivel spinners.
  • The second option: tie a regular knot at the end of the fishing line, stretch the fishing line itself through the ring of the castle or the hole in the spoon itself twice and overwhelm. Pull the knot at the end of the fishing line to the resulting string closely. Cut the rest of the line, leaving 3-4 mm. for safety net.
  • Pull the end of the line through the bait ring or swivel 10 cm. Press the double line with your fingers, and then bend the bent end in the opposite direction. With the free end, wind the resulting triple line 6-7 times, then stretch the tip of the line into the loop and tighten (bait / lure and end of the line in this case in different directions). Cut off the excess, leaving 3-4 mm.

The above methods are responsible, including, and the question of how to bind the winter minnow. After all, it is no longer the method of attachment that matters, but the spoon itself. Successful fishing!

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