How to tie shoes?

If you have decided to buy shoes with laces, then it is usually sold with laces. But there comes a time when you want to change the lace to a different color or wash it, then you need to pull it out. Surprisingly there are different ways of lacing shoes. In this article we will try to give useful tips on how to tie shoes beautifully and easily.

Simple ways to lacing shoes

Traditional - cross way lacing. This method is very easy and convenient, since it is not the leg that is clamped, but the shoe itself. So, a little instruction:

  • Take the lace, pass through the holes from the bottom and bring both ends up.
  • Twist the ends and pull them out from the inside out through the holes.
  • Bring the laces to the top holes and tie. Is done.

Straight simple lacing. In this way there is some difficulty in aligning the tails of the laces. But she is very neat and looks great.

  • We take one end of the lace and stretch it right to the very top, and pass the other through all the holes.
  • If the shoe has an even number of pairs of holes, then this method is easily suitable for such lacing.

The next way of tying is with the crosses above and below. This method is very original and simple.He is still good because it reduces the erasure of laces.

  • If the shoe has an odd number of pairs of holes, then start lacing from the inside.
  • Even pairs of holes, tie at the top.


How to lace up shoes

Lacing in European or "ladder". In Europe, this method is very popular.

  • Thread through the bottom holes and pull both tails out.
  • You drag one tail across through the top holes.
  • The other tail of the lace crosswise output above through one hole lacing.
  • Next, lace one at a time, one end of the lace with the other.

The advantages of this lacing are accuracy and speed.

Fashionable lacing - looks great on the diagonal.

  • You pass a lace through the bottom openings and lead both ends inside the boot.
  • You lift one end, from the right to the top, pull it out of the top hole and thread it into the left hole.
  • Then both tails lift up and out each through one hole, stretch to the other side and pull higher.
  • Next, lace up the shoe until one of the ends reaches the top hole.
  • Lead the second end through the top remaining hole.

The advantage of such lacing is that it looks neat, although the method is a bit complicated.

Original lacing methods

How to lace up shoes with a butterfly, consider next. In this mode, the laces are intertwined on the outside and resemble a bow tie. What you need to do to get this lacing:

  • Pull the string through the bottom holes and bring both ends inside.
  • Further, the string is vertically pulled through to another pair of holes, thereby forming a gap in the lacing.
  • Twist the tails of the lace and pull them into another pair of holes.
  • Continue to lace up and climb to the top of the boot.

With this method, a feeling of comfort appears, and the cord looks elongated.

Two-color lacing - it looks beautiful and unusual.

  • Take two laces of different colors, but so that the length of each of them was a bit more standard. Trim them from the middle, about 2-3 centimeters.
  • The short part of one colored lace, tightly tied to a long lace of a different color. For strength, you can use glue.
  • Skip the long end into the right hole and pull it up to the knot with the other end.
  • Next, tie the laces in a fashionable lacing method, which was mentioned above.

Now you know all about tying shoes so that the lacing looks beautifully neat and original.

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