How To Transform Yourself Into A New Person (Become A Better Person)

How to Transform Yourself for the New Year

Three Parts:

Most transformations take time, but many see New Year's Day as a fitting moment to get started with resolutions to change their life for the better. Whatever your transformation goal, be it educational, financial, appearance, approach to life, or something else, there are some methods to try that will help you set and achieve realistic goals. By defining your goals and creating an action plan for yourself, you may be able to transform your life in the coming year.


Setting Goals

  1. Look at the big picture.Think about what you want to transform in a broad sense. Are you looking to be healthier? Do you want to change your look? Do you want to learn something new? Would you like a new career? Is there something else you want to change?
    • Start with a broad goal to help define what you want and why you want it. Say to yourself, “I want a new career because I want to feel more fulfilled with my job.”
    • Try to focus your goals on one big picture theme. Too many could become overwhelming and make it easier to slip up. For example, focusing on getting healthier and going back to school at the same time could become overwhelming.
  2. Break the big picture up into smaller goals.Once you have your overall transformation in mind, break it down into a set of goals. Think about what you want to be different when the transformation is complete.
    • If, for example, you want to improve your mind in the coming year, you may choose goals such as reading more books, learning a new language, and getting an educational or professional certificate.
    • Identify what you specifically want to change and use that as the basis for your goals.
  3. Make an action plan.Look at each goal individually and decide what actions you want to take to accomplish it. Research resources, set dates, and schedule yourself in advance to make sure you have regular time dedicated to your goals.
    • If your goals include learning a new language, your action plan may researching different language learning websites such as Duolingoor Busuu.
    • You may also make a plan for yourself to study from 6pm to 7pm every Monday and Thursday. Before you take action, make a plan to keep yourself on track.
    • If your goals will require some investment to make happen, now is also the time to set a budget.
    • If you need to work with someone else, do your homework first. Find out what qualifications, references, and feedback the person has in their field. Meet with them for an initial discussion. Whatever your goal, find someone who will offer you the support you need.
  4. Set a timeline.Most any transformation will be an incremental process. Before you begin, research a realistic timeline for your goals. Remember that transformations can be ongoing, and may take longer than a year.
    • Avoid setting arbitrary timelines. Safe, healthy weight loss happens at a rate of 1-2 lbs a week.Proficiency in a new language can take months or even years.Use professional resources to help you set realistic timelines.
    • Be gentle on yourself. It is likely that over the course of the year, life events will come up that you cannot predict. Set your timeline with the understanding that you may get off schedule, but that is no reason to give up.

Getting Started

  1. Pick one goal to start.Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to change everything at once. Start with one of your goals and get into a steady routine before adding more into the mix.
    • Try starting with a goal that requires consistency. Pick something that motivates you to stay on track, such as meeting with a professional or going to a class once a week.
    • If your goal is to reduce the stress in your life, for instance, you may want to consider something like a restorative yoga class that forces you to take time out a few days each week to calm yourself and reflect.
    • Look at adding in other goals once you feel comfortable in your current routine. Work your way up to the greatest challenges. Think about learning a language. You start with vocabulary before you try to read a novel.
  2. Prepare what you need to get started.If you are looking to exercise more, make sure you chart a good running path. If you want to learn a programming language, equip your desk with an instructional book and a quality computer.
    • Make sure you have what you need before you get started. Consult books and online resources to find out what you need in order to successfully achieve your goal.
  3. Find a partner in crime.During most transformations, there will be challenging moments. Look for someone to go through it with you. That way, there is always a motivating force and a sympathetic ear.
  4. Break your goals into actions.Start your transformation by acting on what you laid out in your action plan. Take each goal, and develop a set of actions that will help you accomplish it.
    • If you found a course you want to try, sign up and go to class. If you found a professional with whom you want to work, make an appointment to see them.
    • You may find it helpful to break your goals down into several actions. For example, if you want to learn to dance, you may want one action to be going to class every week and the other action to be rehearsing at home twice a week.
  5. Reward yourself.Find small rewards for those moments when you act on your goals. Try to find things that you truly enjoy, and use them to congratulate yourself on your hard work.
    • Try something like playing your favorite song, taking a long bath, watching an episode of your favorite show, or something else that you enjoy to motivate yourself in the early stages of your goal.

Keeping Yourself Motivated

  1. Track your progress.You are more likely to keep going when you can see how far you have come. Track your progress to see how far you made it with your goal over the course of the year.
    • Write down your progress in a journal, or use a visual tool such as a chart or drawing to show your progress.
    • If you are looking to get in shape, you can track how far you biked or run with fun charts and maps.
    • If you are learning a new skill, try tracking your progress by writing a sentence or two every day about what new things you’ve learned, and what comes easily to you now.
    • Consider using a goal-tracking app such as Achieveror Stickto track your progress easily and on-the-go.
  2. Talk about it.Generating some publicity for yourself is one way to stay on track. Talk to your those close to you about what have already accomplished, and what you still want to do.
    • You may also want to start a blog or website dedicated to your journey. This way, you can track your progress and let people know how far you have come at the same time.
  3. Rework your goals.As you progress, your goals are likely to change. You may go from wanting to run a 5k to wanting to run a half marathon. You may have set out to learn Spanish, but find that you like Italian more. Re-evaluate your goals every few weeks and adjust them to fit your needs.
    • Designate specific times to check in on your goals. Set reminders on your calendar or in your planner.
    • Ask yourself, “How am I doing with this goal? Am I happy with my actions and their outcomes?”

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  • Set aside the money needed to assist your transformation in a special account. Do not touch it except for the purposes of your goal.
  • Read works by people who have undergone major transformations in life. What lessons can you glean from their experiences?
  • Keep a journal and use it to boost your morale and reflect on your transformation journey.

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