How to turn your site into a real candy with the help of a grid and stones

Buying your own house, we think about its improvement. Today, as a decorative element in the design of the natural landscape, gabions of various shapes and sizes are increasingly used. Gabion is a galvanized wire net filled with stones, usually sandstone or quartzite.

Gabions are not only fences and other fences, but also flower beds, beds. These are long-term structures that withstand enormous loads. Over time, they only harden by accumulating soil, compacting stones and forming vegetation on the surface. Simply an incredible find for every owner of the suburban area!

Gabions are not difficult to make by themselves. You only need a grid, stones, a little time and imagination. Below we have found a simple scheme for creating a gabion.

Use the gabion to decorate the barbecue, so it will be very interesting to look.

And here you have an unusual parking place.

Thanks to this design, the tree will look very interesting.

The original design, which is simply performed. Take the old barrel, fill it with water. You can run a few fish there. A small pond with a gabion is ready!

Original flower bed.

Gabions can be used as a foundation for fence.

Your fence will look very original if you use gabions.

These are cute shops will serve not only as a place for gathering, but also great to decorate your site.

And what an unusual decor is obtained from the gabions, just amazing!

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