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How to Wear White Dresses

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Anyone can wear white, but there are a few tricks to getting it right. If white makes your skin look dull or sallow, you might just be wearing the wrong shade. There is more to wearing white dresses than picking the right shade, however; you also have to consider what you wear underneath and over the dress as well.


Choosing the Dress

  1. Consider your skin tone.While anyone can wear white, pairing your unique skin tone with the right shade of white can help you pull off the look even better. If white makes your skin look drab, gray, or sallow, you might be wearing the wrong shade.Here are the shades of white that are most recommended for different skin tones:
    • Fair skin will look the best with warm whites. You should avoid stark whites, as they will only wash you out.
    • If you have an olive complexion, you should consider a cool white to help balance things out. Champagne, rum, and silk white will also work.
    • Medium complexions with pink or blue undertones should consider creamy ivories and whites. These will keep you from looking too rosy or flushed.
    • If you have a dark complexion, you are in luck: you can wear any shade of white. Dark complexions with olive undertones should avoid yellow or ivory shades of white, however.
  2. Match the material to the occasion or setting.White dresses come in all sorts of materials, from breezy cottons and linens, to heavier wools and crepes. While a flowing, white maxi dress would look wonderful at the beach or at a picnic, it would not be appropriate for the office; a dress made from wool or crepe would be more suitable and professional.
  3. Wear undergarments that match your skin tone.Choose a simple bra and pair of underwear, without any lace, beading, or other embellishments. Match the color to your skin tone as much as possible. Avoid wearing other colors, including white. Colors, patterns, and textures will all become visible under your dress.
  4. Purchase a slip to wear under the dress, if needed.Tuck your hand into the dress. If you can see your hand, then you will need to wear a white slip with the dress. Choose a plain slip that is a few inches/centimeters shorter than your dress. Even if you are wearing nude undergarments, a sheer dress will still show off too much of your figure. A slip will help make everything look smoother.

Finding the Right Footwear

  1. Go big and bold with the color.White dresses are a blank canvas and a great excuse to add just about any color you want to your outfit. Red heels are a classic pairing, and you can finish the look with a wide, red belt, red lipstick, or a red clutch. If red isn't your thing, try emerald green instead. A cool blue is yet another option, but you mind want to avoid anything with stripes, unless you are going for a nautical look.
  2. Try metallics for a touch of glam.Silver or gold heels are a great choice for white dresses. For an evening look, try a strappy sandal. For a daytime look, try something bold, such as a bootie.You can also try copper, bronze, or any other metallic shade, such as pearl.
  3. Give heeled, strappy sandals a try.These work with both long, maxi dresses and short, thigh-length dresses. For an evening look, try a metallic shade, such as silver or gold.You can also give your ensemble a boho feel with leather gladiator sandals. These goes especially well with looser, tunic-style dresses.
  4. Go neutral with tan or leather.Leather is a wonderful combination with white.Paired with a loose, flowing dress, it can give your outfit a carefree, boho look perfect for the summer. If you want something more formal, you could try suede pumps in tan or beige instead.
  5. Red is a classic pairing for white dresses.Finish the look with a wide, red belt, red lipstick, or a red clutch. If red isn't your thing, try emerald green instead. A cool blue is yet another option, but you mind want to avoid anything with stripes, unless you are going for a nautical look.
  6. Pair white dresses with black shoes carefully.Black and white is a classic combination, but it can look very stark and severe. It is best let for evenings or formal events.If you want to try black shoes, try a pair of black ankle booties with a summer dress. Balance the look out with a black clutch, bangle, or belt.
  7. Avoid wearing white shoes, unless it is a wedding dress.They will make your outfit appear too bridal, monochrome, or nurse-like. If you really want to wear white shoes, try a light silver color instead, or perhaps a pearly white.

Adding Accessories and Jewelry

  1. Show off your favorite statement necklace.Plain white dresses are perfect for making your favorite statement necklace stand out. Try to keep the occasion and the style of dress in mind, however. A loose, flowing, maxi dress would look better with a boho-style statement necklace made from leather, glass beads, and feather pendants. A white satin dress would look better with a silver, diamond necklace.
  2. Try other types of statement jewelry.If big, bulky, statement necklaces aren't your thing, you can certainly wear other things. Long, chain necklaces are a great option. You can also try on a pair of chandelier earrings or bangles. You can even stack different types of matching bangles to create a unique look!
  3. Go for metallic accessories.Like shoes, you can't go wrong with a silver belt or a gold clutch. If you are already wearing metallic shoes, however, you should match the color of your accessory to the shoe. For example, if you are wearing gold sandals, you should wear a gold belt, not a silver one.
  4. Give your outfit a boho feel with leather belts, bags, and cinchers.These go especially well with long maxi dresses. You can take your outfit to the next level by adding some colorful beaded jewelry as well.
    • If leather isn't your thing, you can also try anything in beige, tan, or brown.
  5. Go bold with thick, wide belts and clutches.You can't go wrong with a wide belt in red, blue, or pink. Finish off the outfit with a matching clutch. This will help break up the monochrome and add a splash of color to your outfit. It is great if you want something subtle without appearing too dull or mundane.
  6. Pair your dress with other clothing pieces.White dresses can look a little plain, but you can make your outfit stand out by layering other clothing pieces on top. You can wear a solid color or even a patterned one, just make sure that it matches the style of your dress. Listed below are some ideas:
    • If you like to keep things casual, pair a little white dress with a leather jacket and sneakers.
    • Pair a sleeveless dress over a collared shirt. This will give your a vintage, jumper look. Complete your outfit with a matching belt.
    • Add a detachable collar. If the collar is fancy and beaded, you can even use it in place of a statement necklace.
    • Throw on a matching scarf or hat. If you already had on a pair of shoes, a belt, and a purse, and still feel that something is missing, try adding a hat or a silk scarf.

Community Q&A

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    Any ideas if I need a white outfit, but do not look good in suits or dresses?
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    Go shopping with a friend and try on several different styles of dresses to see which looks best. Let the advice in the article help you to decide on what shade for your skin type.
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  • What would be best to wear with a white kimono in summer?
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  • Apply your perfume before putting the dress on to avoid staining it.
  • Apply your makeup after you are dressed. If you put it on first, you risk smudging it on the fabric.
  • Carry a bleach pen or stain remover in you purse. This way, if you get a spot on your dress, you can treat it quickly!


  • Be careful wearing white during your period. Leakages are very obvious!
  • White tends to become see through if wet. While wearing a white dress, try to not to run through the sprinklers/fountains/etc.
  • Never wear a white dress to a wedding, because only the bride is supposed to wear white, and you don't want to draw attention away from her.

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