How to wear wide pants

Choose a trouser style depending on the features of your body. It can be both classic and sports model. The trousers made in the oriental style can also become a very interesting detail of the youth ensemble. Visually reduce the fullness of the classic or sports version of wide trousers calm colors and colors. Excessive thinness is easy to hide in soft folds laid down along the waistline. When choosing pants, focus on comfort.
Pants can be made of completely different materials. For the off season and the cold season, pick up pants from warm, soft and well-shaped fabrics, such as tweed or crepe. They are easy to combine with soft, cozy sweaters and cardigans.
It should be noted that too loose straight silhouette of the upper part can give your figure extra volume. Therefore, in such cases, call for help a variety of belts, scarves and neckerchiefs, which will focus on the merits of your figure.Comfortable rather narrow jackets, elongated fitted service jackets go well with warm pants. The so-called A-shaped silhouette is also able to keep your figure feminine in all forms. Capes, ponchos and stoles are appropriate here.
Light thin wide trousers wear with tops, T-shirts and blouses. Exquisite addition to such weightless pants will be fitted models of lace tunics, shirts, made in the romantic style. In the case when you need to adjust the shape, you can use the free styles of shirts, blouses, knitted blouses. Try to emphasize with colors, patterns, accessories on those areas that you would like to highlight, adjusting the lines of the figure, and vice versa, avoid bright and noticeable details on those places that you would like to hide from unnecessary glances.
Wide trousers with a high belt look great on a figure with a thin waist. In this version, always in a favorite white dress shirt or a feminine blouse tucked inside. No less impressive with such trousers looks and a narrow vest, giving a certain severity and pomp to the whole along.Made of velvet, in combination with elegant blouses, tops, capes and stoles, loose pants can be a worthy choice for any evening event.

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